Images are used to grab the reader’s attention on every site, web page, and weblog on the Web. However, unless you’re a good photographer, you’ll almost certainly have to rely on photographs that were created and copyrighted by someone else. There are many places where you may download and utilize free photographs, but you should read the tiny print before doing so, otherwise, you may be breaking copyright laws. You must use royalty-free images for commercial use. Curious to know in detail, read this full article.

Terms You Must Know 

A basic reality that everybody should be aware of is that just because an image appears in a Google search doesn’t mean it may be freely utilized for any reason. All photographs are protected, therefore if you use them without permission, you risk being sued.

  • Royalty-free – Images labeled “royalty-free” are also not free. The word “free” in a royalty-free offer does not imply that they are free images to use. The image is royalty-free and comes with one-time paid permission to use it. Royalty-free images mean that you can use the image without paying any additional fees known as royalties, which are calculated depending on the number of times you use it, as long as you use it in acceptable ways.
  • Commercial Use – It implies that the image can be utilized in the advertising and promotion of the products for financial gain, either directly or indirectly. Basically, business use is when you use a picture to persuade others to buy something and visit your site, resulting in a sale of a certain form.
  • Non-Commercial Use – It denotes that the image may be used for a variety of purposes, including artistic, academic, intellectual, and private projects that will not be advertised, promoted, or sold for profit. Presentations, research papers, screen savers, holiday centerpieces, and other non-commercial uses of photographs are just a few examples.
  • Labeled for Reuse – It indicates that the picture can also be used for non-commercial uses according to the licensing terms.
  • Labeled for Commercial Reuse – The image can be used commercially if it is labeled “Labeled for Commercial Reuse.”
  • Free Stock Images – “Free Stock Images” denotes that the images are available for free download and use. Many free stock photo sites enable you to use some photographs without giving credit to the original author, but acknowledgment is always appreciated.

Advantages Of Using Royalty-Free Images 

Here are some of the top advantages of using the royalty-free images for your commercial project.


You should devote some effort to finding the appropriate photographs. Some of them may need to be edited to fit your needs, but this alternative is less expensive than engaging a graphic designer.

Wide Range 

Almost every image you can imagine is likely to be found someplace. All you need is the discipline and effort to search among thousands of options, many of which will be subpar at best.

Can Inspire Thoughts

You might find your own inspiration while searching the internet for suggestions. Developing an idea for a graphic designer will limit the results to your initial criteria, based on the designer’s originality and freedom. However, whatever you see in a free image library might inspire you to think about your website in a completely another way.


The majority of image repositories will have a minimum criterion for entries that they will accept into their archives. While you may not have been able to discover a perfect match in terms of substance and style, the technical ability of the photographs will be adequate.

Summing It Up 

Royalty free images are one of the best options for startups and companies with low graphic budgets. Free images for use are a cost-effective approach to putting together such a professional-looking site if you’re willing to put the time to dig through archives. There are many platforms providing the services of copyright-free images. Pik Wizard is also one of the best platforms providing high-quality free images. 

They have a beautiful database of over 1 million stock photos and movies to choose from. All of the videos and photos are also royalty-free and suitable for business use, with no need for credit. Visit them now and get hands-on with the top-quality royalty-free images for commercial use.