Sean Tarpenning

Sean Tarpenning is the CEO and mentor who’s determined to help people be in a Better Position Today than they were yesterday. In line with his experience in business, you’ll understand that collaborative work has become a catch-all for all organizations that herds all employees together to create a flexible, modern, energetic environment. It allows staff to share creativity and skills to reach a common goal. Having collaborative work spaces promotes communication, exchanges, and knowledge sharing. At the heart of the business, it also promotes exchanges between the different departments and defragmenting the working environment while improving customer experience. The advantages of a collaborative workplace are only now seeing a new practice in business, which is quantified. However, it promotes;

  • Speed force setups

With collaboration, you and your team will always feel like a flash. Every second you come in, everything is there, for instance, coffee machine dripping, desk polish, printers with ink, desk polished, etc. there won’t be a need to worry about hassles and expenses associated with office preparation— revenue generation becomes easy.

  • More flexibility and creativity

Projects tend to have a fair share of changes and surprises. With teamwork and collaboration, there will be more reactivity and versatility in cases of sudden change. The collaboration will allow you to see these changes as challenges to overcome.

  • Increased productivity

Collaboration in the workplace is facilitated by updating the various digital tools, including instant messages, business social media, video-conferencing, etc., which makes your staff more productive. The exchanges will be simplified, and the documents will be more easily accessible; therefore, it will let your staff save time and be more efficient while optimizing the quality of work. 

  • Network opportunities

You might have a company rented out on a private floor or office, but your staff is still frolicking around the collaborative workplace’s public areas. It allows them to chat, rub elbows, and brainstorm with other entrepreneurs, as they’ll be in a pool full of ideas, creativity, and the possibility for collaboration.

  • Improvement of the workplace atmosphere

While working together, your staff will naturally become better acquainted. It will allow your team to improve their relationships, make connections,  and appreciate each other’s work. It will cement their confidence as the work atmosphere in a collaborative workspace is comfortable and relaxed.


According to Sean Tarpenning, these are a few benefits of a collaborative workplace. Still, business owners need a “Whatever It Takes” mentality and an unstoppable drive to push the need. Collaboration in the workplace is here to stay, evolve, prosper, and proliferate. It’s the 21st century newest business darling.