Sean Tarpenning

What sets Sean apart most is his “Whatever It Takes” approach and unyielding determination. He strives to “Help People be in a Better Position Today than they Were Yesterday” as a father, mentor, and CEO. His time is wisely spent running his companies and supporting the communities where he lives.

Sean Tarpenning outlines why real estate investment is becoming more and more popular in today’s topic.

The benefits of investing in real estate will turn up almost 180,000,000 results in a search on the internet.

There are a lot of individuals that are interested in real estate investment nowadays, and who can blame them?

Given everything going on in the globe right now, it’s understandable why so many investors are considering investing in real estate rather than the stock market, which can swing from bull to bear and back again in the space of a single blink.

Sean Tarpenning cites the following as some of the main explanations for why so many individuals now believe real estate to be the finest financial option available:

Monthly income

Monthly income is comparable to equities that pay dividends. The time you have to spend on the investment is limited to monthly performance evaluations with your manager and maybe depositing your monthly income when you invest in a turnkey rental property and employ a local property manager to handle the daily details.

Boosted returns

To diversify and expand a portfolio of rental properties, many real estate investors utilize a cautious LTV of 75% (25% down payment and 75% financing). Leverage enables you to maximize ROI and cash-on-cash returns that can boost your wealth by using OPM (other people’s money).

Direct control

When you invest in the stock market, you’re entrusting the management of your money to individuals you don’t know. The ability to choose how, when, and where to invest completely rests in your hands when you invest in real estate.

Hedge against market volatility

There is only roughly a 40% link between real estate and equities during a bad market, according to a recent MarketWatch story. Real estate is frequently recommended as a hedge against stock market volatility since assets with low correlation are less likely to rise and fall at the same time.

Reduced business expenses

Real estate expenses, including things like management and leasing fees, repairs and upkeep, property taxes, and interest on mortgages, are entirely deductible. Monthly cash flow from the tenant covers these running costs when the suitable rental property is acquired by utilising prudent borrowing, leaving surplus cash as net income.

Invest whenever you want

As per Sean Tarpenning, real estate investing is a numbers game. The chances of finding a seller who will accept an offer increase as you make more bids. And the better your property will perform financially, the more carefully you will examine possible offers.

When you have an investment plan to adhere to and an end goal in sight, it is simpler to decide and choose. While you shouldn’t let “analysis paralysis” paralyze you, there’s also no need to accept the first offer that comes your way. Wait for a sensible chance instead, then take the moment by closing the deal.