NAPLAN practice tests in year 3 online

The Australian education system attempts to be all encompassing for students with differing abilities. Along with this, a few tests are conducted for Australian students to evaluate their abilities and knowledge. The National Assessment Program-Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is one such test to provide the authorities with data to develop relevant programs to help students to improve on their numeracy and literacy. Numerous students prepare NAPLAN practice tests in year 3 online to get great results in the formal NAPLAN assessment. 

NAPLAN has 4 segments in particular language convections, numeracy, reading comprehension, and writing.

How Do Students Prepare for the NAPLAN?

Practice tests 

Like the good old saying goes, ‘Practice Makes Perfect’.

On the off chance that your child has completed sufficient example tests, he or she will get comfortable with the construction of the test. It will likewise acquaint your child with the test design and the sorts of inquiries this test involves.

You can without much of a stretch access practice tests on the internet. Numerous instructive sites offer online NAPLAN practice tests.  

Get valuable advice from the mentor

Get a tutor or a mentor if you cannot coach your child yourself. Ask your educator for convenient guidance. You may likewise take direction from a mentor. Productive input can tell you where your child is committing errors. Henceforth, it permits you to help your child make significant enhancements to learn and practice effectively.

For instance, in the composing segment of NAPLAN, students are approached to compose a narrative or to write a persuasive piece. This segment surveys the student’s spelling, punctuation, and ability to shape a strong contention. If your child gets correct feedback or advice, he or she can improve in the writing component.


Practice makes perfect. With the guidance of a tutor or mentor and lots of practice tests, your child will be able to ace the NAPLAN Practice Tests easily.