When it comes to acquiring vast knowledge in any field, the role of willpower has its significance. Similarly talking about the field of supply chain management, people such as Benjamin Gordon achieved numerous goals that made him a recognized name in the industry. He worked in reputed companies such as UPS, DHL, NFI, and Nations Express and currently serving as the founder of BG strategic advisors. 


 Benjamin Gordon is the head of the annual supply chain by gathering the leading yearly meet for CEOs from different countries. Apart from supply chain management, Benjamin is also a great entrepreneur, investor, and a pronounced philanthropist. In the field of supply chain management, he attained vast knowledge and due to that, he manages to become a successful name in the industry.

According to him, supply chain management is developed by integrated systems that are specialized supply-chain partnerships through OEM. Here are some systems that are suggested by Benjamin regarding the need for supply-chain management in different firms: 

  • Plan 

Planning is very important to control manufacturing processes and inventory. Organizations always try to match supply with collective demand by developing a way of action using analytics. Moreover, it is advisable to be attentive with a vigilant eye on demand differences along the value chain to avoid the Bullwhip effect.   

  • Source 

Sourcing is identifying vendors that can procure services and goods to meet actual demand most efficiently and economically. There are various standards that suppliers are required to fulfill, thus assuring the company to deliver high-quality goods and services to the clients. Sourcing can be non-perishable as well as perishable products. In the case of perishable products, it is authorized to have a minimal supplier’s lead time what can support a minimum inventory approach. In the case of non-perishable products, the supplier quoted lead time has to be less than the number of days when inventory reaches zero, thus leading to no loss. 

Along with these, Make, Deliver, and Return is also main plans that play a vital role in supply chain management. Benjamin Gordon always keeps on looking for new opportunities and methods to enhance the various processes of supply chain management. He always focuses on gaining more and more knowledge to achieve something great in the field of SCM. Along with supply chain management, he is the founder of GesherCity as well as connects young people, and also improves leadership skills and volunteerism.