Jared Ekola

Jared Ekola is an outdoor enthusiast interested in health, nutrition, and the food industry. Jared was interested in science and math during high school. His interests included climbing, capoeira, skiing, yoga, tennis, and playing the saxophone with the school band. Jared graduated high school and studied at a community college. It wasn’t easy. He had to work part-time and study simultaneously. He graduated with a degree from the healthcare industry because of his sacrifice and hard work.

He has noticed that non-outdoor enthusiasts often see outdoor enthusiasts as crazy, unstable, daydreamers, dirty, etc. They all face our unique struggles, just as everyone else. The struggle is real for outdoor enthusiasts. Here are some of the struggles that they all face.

1) Cleanliness

They prefer the natural look and are happy to get dirty. When out in the backcountry, they can go several days without washing their clothes, changing their hair, or shaving their teeth. They purchase clothing and gear, knowing that they will be used until it is no longer helpful. It is almost guaranteed that the clothes or tee-shirt they buy will get a few stains or rips. It is okay to look a bit ‘dishevelled’ when they are out in public. They choose to accept it, and view it as an added character, even if they get a lot of snarky comments, ‘germaphobes, or ‘non-outdoor enthusiasts’ glares. They have each other to relate to!

2) Early mornings

They make the most of their time and don’t like to stay in bed. It means lots of noise in the house when they wake up early. If they miss too many sunrises, our guilt kicks in. Everyone gets up when they get up. People who live with us and aren’t early risers may view us as annoying or a nuisance. “Can you please be quiet!”, “Can you not sleep in one night!” These are common phrases that they hear all the time. They don’t like staying up late, as they need to be awake and ready for our morning adventures. They are often the ones who tell others to slow down at night. If they are not already outdoors, late nights spent stargazing and other activities would be something they would enjoy.

3) Different priorities

According to Jared Ekola, to attend the sister-in-law’s wedding, family reunion, or old friends’ birthday party. This was done over a 3-day back country hike with some friends. This is a difficult decision. These are difficult decisions that they face every day. They often choose the ‘adventure” option which often leads to trouble.