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Are you a non-United States citizen, and would you wish to immigrate to the United States? Do not hesitate as you are now got covered, provided you have a family member who is a United States citizen. Family sponsorship has become the most common method that allows non-United States citizens to reside permanently in the United States. This sponsorship also allows naturalized United States citizens to sponsor their immediate family members. It has been made possible using the green card, but it limits United States citizens to only sponsor spouses and unmarried children.

There are surprising facts that you need to know about family base Immigration which is lawfully filled with an immigration attorney in Florida following a legal process to make the Immigration of a family member easier. Should there be a need for family sponsorship, then the respective United States resident will have to abide by the legal immigration process to not complicate the experience.

The Process to Be Followed for Family-Based Immigration

Since family-based Immigration is a process-wise activity, there should be keen observation when inducting the process to avoid unnecessary risks such as deportation. Some clients may decide to go through the process without their applications filled with an immigration attorney in Florida. Here are the steps to be followed when a United States citizen wishes to apply green card for his or her family member;

  • First Step

Suppose a United States resident regarded as a family sponsor wishes to sponsor a family member. In that case, he or she has first to fill and complete an immigrants visa petition referred to as Petition for Alien Relative.

  • Second Step

Once a named family sponsor has completed filling the visa petition, the petition needs approval. On approval of the petition by the USCIS, an application to the registrar to a permanent resident has to be filled in and turned out. It can also be turned in the same as Petition for Alien Relative.

  • Third Step 

The third step, in family-based Immigration, requires a stated United States resident offering to sponsor his or her relative to prove that he or she can support the member relatively with about 125 percent above the poverty line.

Common Issues Related to Family-Based Immigration

There are also some issues related to this activity, and for a reason, family sponsorship may fail, and respected relatives will not be approved for permanent United States residents. They may happen when;

  • The relative is not in the United States
  • The relative has overstayed the visa they used to come to the United States.
  • The relative is found to have been entered the US without a port of entry.

If this happens, the relative needs to apply for a US embassy in a different country to solve the issues.


Should you need to induct family-based Immigration, an immigration attorney in Florida will give you the best experience for successful induction of the process. He or she will evaluate your case, anticipate legal issues and provide a suitable solution to the complicated legal issues to avoid unnecessary chaos.