The- Advantages- of- Australian- Made- Shutters

A house without a window shutter is difficult to imagine. Window shutters protect the residents from intruders, wild animals, and harsh weather conditions and provide required privacy for them. Whether you are building a new house or renovating your office or house, opting for Australian-made shutters is highly beneficial.

Advantages of Australian Made window shutters for interiors:

Nowadays, versatile interior shutters are replacing traditional curtains and blinds. The Australian-made shutters for interiors offer the following benefits.

  1. Optimized energy usage: The interior shutters keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. That is why the energy consumption is reduced as the air-conditioner is not overloaded. The house owner saves on their utility bills.

  2. Furniture protection: The window shutters do not allow the heat and glare of the sunlight to come inside.  So, the furnishings, carpets, and other things inside the room remain protected from the harmful UV rays. Window shutters also save money as carpets, furniture, and other furnishing items do not require frequent replacements due to discoloration.

  3. Easy cleaning:  It is easy to maintain the Australian-made shutters. These timber shutters are easy-to-clean and remain functional for years.

Advantages of Australian Made Window Shutters for exteriors:

The Australian Made shutters for exteriors enhance the place’s visual appeal, thus increasing the property value during resale. Along with this, these exterior shutters offer privacy, protection, and security.

  1. Safeguarding windows: The exterior window shutters protect the windowpanes from extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rainfall, hailstorms, etc.

  2. Safety:  The Australian made shutters are made of rigid materials, so it is not easy for an intruder or burglar to come inside. These shutters protect the people and valuables of the house from strangers.

Types of shutters

The Australian-made shutters are of different types.

  1. Wood: One of the most preferred materials for window shutters is wood. The timber shutters never went out of the style though they have been used for decades. They are affordable, durable, and flexible and offer a classy look to the place when used. A timber shutter can complement any interior or exterior decor. They are not the best choice for the places where moisture level remains high.

  2. PVC: They are used for interiors as well as exteriors. They are highly durable and rigid. Many homeowners prefer them for their lightweight benefits. Additionally, these shutters are resistant to moisture and are used in kitchens and bathrooms. They come in a variety of shades.

  3. Composite wood: These Australian-made shutters use wood and PVC. The core part of the shutter is made up of wood, and PVC is used for the outer layer. These shutters are durable and offer unique looks. You can use these shutters in those places where the moisture level is high.

  4. Metal: These are popularly known as roller shutters. They are mainly used in the exteriors for their high durability. They can be rolled up, so they are installed in those places where space is a constraint. They are the best choice for any commercial place because of the high level of security they offer. They can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Styles of shutter

The window shutters come in different styles.

  1. Traditional shutter
  2. Plantation shutter
  3. Louvered shutter
  4. Cafe shutter


While selecting the most suitable shutters for your space, consider the above-discussed crucial factors. As a buyer, you must invest a considerable amount of your time knowing about the different types of shutters available and choosing the best one that suits your budget, needs, and preferences.