In Rockland County, one thing that is common to almost every premise is the aesthetics and outdoor decor of the properties, be they commercial or residential. Having the best landscaping and outdoor related things in your establishment sets you apart from others in terms of the elegance and uniqueness of your building area. Landscaping is not all about the beautiful aesthetics and symmetries of herbs and shrubs, along with decorative patios and pleasing driveways. Yes, it includes all the essential and basic things listed above, but with all these amenities, at its core, it also gives you the feeling of living in a green, sustainable environment and fulfills you with a fresh and peaceful sentiment. 

An appealing and functional landscaping Rockland County is no less than the vital element that takes the county’s pride and tradition forward, enriched with heart-warming and pleasing-to-the-eye scenery and exquisitely designed premises. In the line of serving Rockland County residents, GLS Lawn and Landscaping, a reliable and trusted landscaping and lawn maintenance firm, strives to assist residents by providing top-notch and customizable services. With an extensive experience of more than 39 years in landscaping, lawn design and maintenance, drainage, grading, garden installations, and several other things, we offer our exceptional and cutting-edge services to residential and commercial properties in Rockland County. We ensure that you get the most comprehensive and customizable services as per your requirements. 

Take Your Rockland County Pride High, Enriched With Heavenly Landscape And Decor. 

Landscaping is one of the things that can make premises and the environment more beautiful and lively. It includes so many things to handle to be in the most alluring form that coordinates with the habitat. And especially for Rockland County, just 30 miles north of New York City, sitting on the Hudson River, which is known for its quaint villages, spectacular river views, and outdoor recreation, it means a lot. Being so close to the bustling city, Rockland is everybody’s playground to enjoy the creative, artistic, and modern landscaping done with the help of professionals. Landscaping experts assist people with their vast experience in the landscaping field and discuss ideas to make the property astonishing by following the suitable needs and specifications of clients. 

GLS Lawn and Landscaping is one of the leading and most trusted landscaping and lawn maintenance service providers in Rockland County. Our expert professionals have more than 39 years of experience serving Rockland County residents with their extraordinary landscaping services and making their commercial and residential premises beautiful. As a lawn and landscaping Rockland County service provider, we provide services like constructing landscapes, driveways, hardscapes, outdoor living spaces, lawns, sod installation, decks, drainage solutions, and gardens. Our services come with numerous benefits and are customizable and easily affordable. We firmly believe in taking Rockland County pride high connected to various enriched heavenly landscapes and the premises’ outdoor decor. 

GLS Lawn And Landscaping: Make Your Place Attractive And Sophisticated

A place is not only made of elegant interiors, high-caliber tech gadgets, and fine furnishing but also includes outdoor designing, landscaping, garden maintenance, and a lot more. The outdoor seating with wonderful landscapes and lovely weather hits hard and feels good while chilling with family and friends. And the responsibility of making that cozy and amazing environment depends on landscaping professionals like us. And we take pride in being the people’s preferred and most loved choice for the contracts linked to landscaping, lawn design, and garden maintenance services. 

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that at GLS Lawn, landscaping technology has been ingrained into the foundation of the business from the start. We offer professional landscape and garden design services for indoor and outdoor, residential and commercial settings to bring as much green as possible. Each landscape we create captures the uniqueness of the location and adds a dash of greenery for the perfect setting. When designing a landscape, we make sure to include the ideal plants and saplings while taking into account the many environmental factors, the colors, and the overall design of the region. You can simply choose the top-notch landscaping Rockland County services of GLS and make your property more beautiful and sophisticated.

  • Our Services Include :
  • landscaping
  • Lawn and garden care
  • Hard space
  • Outdoor living space 
  • Stonework
  • driveway
  • Deck 
  • Drainage
  • Concrete 
  • Weather sealing
  • brick and stone.