The custom interior shutters are also known as “plantation-style” shutters (because they were often found in large plantation homes.) These window treatments are installed inside your windows and are made of an extremely durable UV-resistant compound.

You can customize shutters to a form that honours your taste and style. This makes your home truly yours – and provides ideal levels of privacy, light control, and even protection from UV rays. In addition, custom shutters will include custom measurements – meaning that your custom shutters will fit perfectly in your windows!

When you choose shutters, you’re choosing a long-lasting installation for your home, so you should look into some info on why custom interior shutters are such a good choice.

Aesthetically Beautiful.

The clean, streamlined aesthetic of shutters is absolutely beautiful in modern and classic homes alike. However, they are not incredibly widespread, so adding them to your home adds subtle interest and individuality to the space. They look gorgeous from both the inside and the outside, and because they are customized to fit your windows perfectly, you can be assured that the shutters will be seamlessly integrated into your home.

Easy to Clean.

Cleaning your shutters is as easy as snapping them closed and wiping them down. The shutter material is water resilient, so mild soap and water is fine for wipe-downs. With no fabric, the shutters don’t hold on to dust, hair, or allergens, and the finish is scratch and dent resistant, so there are fewer places for bacteria to hide.

Superior Light and Privacy Control.

Shutters can blackout a room completely or let the light flood in. When they’re open, shutters let you take in the view, but the moment they’re closed, you have complete privacy. In addition, shutters provide you with an array of options: it is also possible to have blinds that close at different sections of the window, giving you ultimate control.


Like many household products, custom interior shutters are safe for children and pets. In addition, there are no cords to worry about, so you can put your window-treatment worries to rest.

Energy Efficient and UV Protection.

Shutters help to insulate your home, which means you can stay comfortable for less money and with less of an impact on the environment. Custom interior shutters also block out the UV rays, so you can protect your furniture, paint, flooring and artwork from fading.

Durability – and a Great Warranty!

Custom interior shutters are guaranteed never to warp, chip, fade, or peel, and they are incredibly strong. Reinforced at major stress points with aluminium and built to withstand even extreme heat and moisture, these are window treatments meant to last a lifetime. That’s why they come with a lifetime guarantee.

If you’re curious about shutters or think they might be perfect for your home, don’t hesitate to give them a call. The team of custom interior shutters can help you, give you a free consultation, and provide you with expert advice on choosing your perfect window treatments.