Pistachio baklava has been the most well-known and sought-after variety of baklava since the Middle Ages. It is traditional baklava that has Turkish and Syrian roots. After just one tasty bite, your heart and soul will be won over, leaving you hankering for more. Pistachio Baklava is a delectable dessert that includes a crispy puff and crunchy almonds along with a delectable pastry delicacy made of 30 to 40 layers of filo/phyllo dough that are densely packed with finely ground pistachios.

Baklava has a sweet flavor that makes it delightful, but the variety of pistachios used in its creation also makes it irresistible.

Instead of using the full-grown pistachios that we typically buy from shops, baby pistachios are used in the preparation of this dish. The use of baby pistachios is justified since they are less tannin-rich, more delicious, and greener in color. Moreover, these pistachios are farmed in Turkey, Syria, and Iran, and gets blended with the best grade pistachios, which are required for the baklava and are widely available boosting the region’s output. Apart from pistachios, Granulated sugar, drinkable water, wheat flour, pistachios, wheat starch, eggs, and common salt are also the super ingredients enhancing the pistachio baklava’s yumminess. The city of Gaziantep, which is located in southeast Turkey, is most known for its pistachio baklava, which accounts for about 90% of all baklava consumed in Turkey.


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