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Since there are so many different methods to apply makeup these days, thanks to social media, information about the latest techniques are disseminated quicker and further than ever before. There is no lack of specialists ready to offer the finest ways to make each stage of your beauty regimen even simpler, from professional makeup artists and celebrities to self-taught beauty aficionados and content makers.

Lashes have been a hot issue recently. Like many professional procedures, eyelash extensions remain popular, but many of us are looking for methods to get the same effects at home. It’s normal for even the greatest strip lash application to need extensive blending and adjusting to keep your natural lashes from peeking through. Even if you’ve perfected applying lashes under the lash line part of the procedure, the lash band will still be visible when you blink or move to the side, causing the illusion to be broken.

The ‘under lash’ method is here to stay. Cut the strip into smaller portions and apply them directly to your eyelashes instead of on top of the lash line (yep, that’s where the term comes from).  Place a order best lashes for lash extensions on our shop.

As with every false-lash application method, there is a learning curve, and under-lashing is no exception. The concept of applying lash glue so near to the eyes is unsettling for some, while others have difficulty finding the perfect spot to apply it from. In order to clear up any misunderstandings concerning the under-lash technique’s safety and effectiveness, here is the guide below- 

When and How to Use an Under-Lash?

  • If you’re going to put on fake lashes, you need to know exactly where you’re going to put them. Use a strong light and a mirror to make sure you’re not putting adhesive on your waterline. A complete view of your lashes may be seen here.
  • Under lashing has been attempted by various brands like Lash Line, but it’s much simpler to work in smaller pieces since they’re more flexible and easier to line up accurately. 
  • Tacky adhesive, like regular lash application, offers a more secure grip. Before placing the falsies on your eyelashes, wait for 15 to 30 seconds after applying the adhesive to the falsies. Only use the glue on the side of your eyelashes that will be in contact with it. If it makes it through to the opposite side, it may come into contact with your eye.
  • There are no guarantees in life, that is why it is advised to be prepared for the unexpected by having makeup remover and cotton swabs on hand as well as a washcloth. They may be used to remove any adhesive or residue that has gotten in the wrong location.


It is possible to get a more natural and seamless lash appearance by applying lashes under the lash line (also known as under lashing). If you follow a few easy guidelines, it’s no more dangerous than applying regular artificial lashes. 

When applying false lashes, keep in mind that you are doing so by attaching them to your natural lashes (read: not the waterline). From there, work in tiny parts and be prepared with cotton swabs and makeup removal in case you make a mistake.