Sean Tarpenning

Are you seeking a rewarding and lucrative career? The field of property management could be the right career choice for you.

Sean Tarpenning believes that there are many career options in property management. Imagine you are interested in a job as a community director or leasing consultant, maintenance technician, security or night service manager, Groundskeeper, or Groundskeeper. You can make a rewarding and challenging career out of this situation.

If you are interested in property management careers and want to learn more about these jobs, please read the following.

Community Director

The leader of the Lewis community is the Community Director. This director works with the regional management team to oversee all aspects of the community’s life for residents, visitors, and staff. Their staff is motivated and engaged to ensure the smooth running of their community. This job is for you if you’re organized, self-motivated, and dedicated.

You will use your vehicle to visit the properties you manage as a Community Director. You will need a valid driver’s license and proper vehicle insurance. California requires a driver’s license to operate an electric vehicle such as a golf cart.

The job of Community Director may sound appealing to you. It is important to know the duties you will perform. You will be responsible for overseeing all operations at the property you manage.

The Community director oversees the work of other department supervisors, such as the Maintenance Supervisor and Leasing Manager. This will be easier if you are organized.

Your job as Community Director is to train, hire, and coach your employees. As Community Director, you will need to walk your apartment communities and ensure that all jobs are done correctly.

Other important responsibilities include collecting rent and managing lease terms. The Community Director is responsible for maintaining positive relations with residents and working with staff.

This leader will oversee all guest activities, programs and functions to ensure that residents are treated equally.

Leasing Consultant

If you are interested in marketing and sales, then a leasing consultant may be the right job.

A Leasing Consultant’s role is to liaison with the community they represent. A Leasing Consultant can help residents and potential residents achieve their goals by setting and maintaining milestones in sales and leasing ratios.

The leasing Consultant must be highly motivated and able to sell. This position is best suited for someone positive and engaging.

Maintenance Technician

Apartment maintenance is one of the most important jobs in a property management firm. It involves basic plumbing, drywall repair and troubleshooting appliances. It is a good idea to have some experience in these areas before you apply for this job.

Prerequisites for most Lewis maintenance technician positions are residential property maintenance experience. This satisfies tenants and ensures that any issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently. A Technician should live within 30-40 minutes of the property to be able to respond to residents’ needs after hours. All maintenance crews traditionally share this “on-call” duty. The “on-call” duties alternate among a team of Technicians.

Security (Night Service Manager).

The role of the Night Service Manager is crucial in the world of property management. You must be able to manage stress, think independently, and think for yourself. You must pass a drug screen if you are interested.

Experience in security is an advantage for those working in a rental community. Knowing someone with a trusting background is working there makes the property more secure.

Night service management will require the person in the position to enforce all regulations and rules of the property. This position is expected to enforce parking regulations, make minor repairs, and conduct routine patrols.


A key position in a rental community is the ground keeper job. They are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the community. This position is often the first thing people see when they visit. Because they are so well-maintained and look great, Lewis Groundskeepers are often why people visit Lewis communities.

The Groundskeeper is responsible for maintaining order on the grounds. Common areas will also need to be cleaned by the Groundskeeper. The janitorial staff is also needed to complete a painting or other related tasks.

Groundskeepers often get discounts on rental prices. This makes it easy to get to work. Your team will always have you on the property.

This job is a great choice for anyone looking for a new career. This is the ideal job for motivated people who care about cleanliness.