Get On The Floor

Finding the right wedding DJ is essential if you plan a magical and tear-jerking ceremony. You want to have a wedding ceremony that will wow your guest, and they will only talk about it for a few days. Therefore while looking for DJ services near me, you must understand what a professional wedding DJ can do for your wedding. From setting the right tone for the day to playing suitable songs to keeping your dance floor packed all night long, you’ll be confident that your big day protocol will go well without being much more actively involved. 

Since your family, friends, and guests will come to witness and celebrate your day, you also want them to have exciting moments. By hiring a wedding DJ, you’ll facilitate this without much stress. Although they can make or break your wedding. Since it takes two to tango, you must communicate your options in advance. If you are not sure of how to go about it, here are some of the things you need to tell your wedding DJ

How To Pronounce Names

While planning for the big day, deciding who will introduce the newlyweds and the entire ceremony for the grand entrance is always essential. If you choose to go with the DJ, go ahead and give them a phonetic spelling of the names of the entire wedding party, especially for the unusual names in the mix. You can even send a voice recording to them so they can hear it and practice it in advance.

Share When To Play What And For How Long

When it’s time to pick your playlist, you’ll want to fill your DJ in on what songs you’ve selected for the significant moments, from wedding party introductions to the first dance, cake-cutting parent and child dances, and the bouquet and garter tosses. Timing is also critical regarding the day-of timeline, what songs to play, and when. For example, will you and your spouse dance an entire 4 min song or want the DJ to scratch at 2 min mark?

Provide Context For Song Requests

In contrast to the general list of songs you’d like to hear, it’s also essential you encourage yourself to provide some context. “For instance, songs that you used to jam to in your high school times and will keep your girls on the dance floor. This way, the wedding DJ will also get a sense of what other songs, artists, or genres to play for the day.

Give Your “Do Not Play” List

Sometimes, a list of off-limit songs is more important than your playlist. It is especially if the DJ is open to requests from guests, which is another thing you should discuss with your DJ. leave room for the DJ to take requests, but pinpoint anything you hate, for example, no line dances as off the table. The DJ should tell guests to request those particular songs he doesn’t have available. In addition to certain songs that are off-limits, ensure you also  get specific about  volume preferences and language preferences ( dirty language)

How Much MC Chatter Do You Want?

Tell your DJ know how much chatter you want. Some couples prefer an MC controlling the mood of the party, while others prefer a little less chat in a little more music. since it’s about preferences, ensure you let them know what yours is 


For a smooth and exciting wedding day, communication is effective. Therefore, while exploring options for DJs hire near me, be sure to give detailed information. With the visions and expectations for your special day, you’ll be confident about the smooth running of the day.