No one anticipates having to endure an eviction, in our opinion. Many individuals may be unaware of the procedure, their rights, and the potential repercussions. The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee is behind EvictionFreeMKE to help families that cannot afford legal representation. Families may get assistance with matters of outward appearance, interpretation, and resolution.


It may be difficult to navigate the eviction procedure without thoroughly understanding the many legal words involved. As a kind of assistance, we will explain the eviction process and the legal implications of the notice we have sent you. You may think of us as your legal linguists. We want to ensure that you get something out of this after we’re done with your case. This effort will be supported as we work toward a swift and mutually beneficial resolution.

Our staff strives to inform clients of their legal protections and responsibilities in housing matters, both in the present and future. We will be at your side throughout the process and at every court hearing.

Whose Interests Do We Serve?

In light of the importance of a secure home environment, we prioritize providing assistance to families in maintaining their present living arrangements. We are also aware of the numerous far-reaching consequences that evictions may have on individuals, families, and neighborhoods. In light of this knowledge, we are dedicated to providing the legal assistance necessary to successfully manage the eviction process for people and families in Milwaukee County who fall at or below 200% of the official poverty limits.

Our mission is to provide families facing eviction with the resources and advocacy they need to weather this storm. We want to eliminate the fact that less than 3% of people in Milwaukee County who are up for eviction have legal counsel. We’re here to support the people of Milwaukee County and see that they have access to the legal counsel they need to save their homes and prevent eviction. To better inform the public about homelessness in greater Milwaukee and Waukesha counties, our nonprofit partners at United Way launched Homelessness Awareness Week (October 17 – October 23) last year. Even though a week has passed, plenty is still to be done.

The house is the center of life. We know that having a feeling of place and belonging at home is the foundation for everything good, whether it be having a permanent address for employment purposes, attending the same school year-round, or having a kitchen to prepare a nutritious meal as a family. Still, many families here are either houseless, or only one missed rent or mortgage payment from being out on the street.

Some service models that address homelessness front-on are currently in operation. United Way’s Safe & Stable Homes campaign is leading the charge to eradicate family homelessness throughout our community by 2023.

To end family homelessness, every community will have to implement a strategy to either eliminate homelessness in the first place or reduce its occurrence to the point where it only occurs on extremely rare occasions and never becomes a chronic problem.