landscaping Rockland County

Hiring professional landscaping services is a significant investment and one that everyone should take seriously. Hiring the wrong company can cost you time and money and even cause severe damage to your home or property. Landscape companies typically offer many retainer packages for homeowners, and it is up to the homeowner to figure out what package best suits their needs. This article will help you learn the essential tips to consider when hiring the best in landscaping in Rockland County.

1. Consider the variety of landscaping services offered

Before you start searching for a landscaping company, list all of your landscaping needs, landscaping services can include: fencing, land leveling, land clearing and grading, building patios and walkways, planting gardens and shrubs, garden designing and seeding, and planting trees, among many more. Therefore, ensure the professional landscaping Rockland County should be offering all the services you need. 

2. Reputation of the services provider

Ensure that the professional landscaping company in Rockland County that you choose has a good reputation for providing quality services. The best way to identify the reputation is by asking your neighbors, friends, and family members if they know an excellent landscaping service in your area. If a friend recommends a service provider, you can use this to your advantage because these recommendations are based on positive experiences.

3. Accreditation of the company

The professional landscaping Rockland County you choose should be accredited and licensed. That means that the service provider has gone through a rigorous process of meeting all the requirements set by the state to ensure that it is professional and has high-quality service standards.

4. Working experience and the job score

Before hiring professional landscaping in Rockland County, check their job resume and ask to see some of their work samples. If a company offers a free quote, and you cannot access their portfolio, get a referral from a friend or colleague who has had good experience hiring them.

5. Cost for the services

The cost of services varies depending on the nature of landscaping work you are looking for. When searching for professional landscaping in Rockland County, ensure you have an estimated cost to avoid being surprised with a figure, not within your budget.

6. Customer support

After choosing the landscaping professional in Rockland County, you want to hire, make sure they provide good customer support. When seeking services, look for professional landscaping Rockland County that has a transparent process on how to contact them. When you call or email them, the person who answers will be able to provide the solution for any issues you might have.


Considering all the tips above when hiring professional landscaping services will ensure that you get the services you need. Additionally, follow other tips and tricks to make hiring professional landscaping services in Rockland County smooth and stress-free. GLS Lawn and Landscaping Services is a full-service landscaping company in Rockland County, New York, which has been providing top-quality landscape solutions for a long time. We offer various services that include planting, garden designing, custom design hardscapes, drainage systems installation, and maintenance, among many more.