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For a simpler process when trading or selling pre-owned bicycles. To serve as a hub for purchasing and selling bicycles (new and used) and providing pertinent information for making informed choices.

Aluminum or steel wheels are the standards for low to mid-end bicycle production. 

You can find the best bike accessories at Paddles. But what do you really need?

What Accessories Are Necessary?

Pads For The Elbows And Knees

These armored elbow and knee pads safeguard your joints when engaging in high-contact sports like football, volleyball, wrestling, paintball, cross-fit, skating, riding, and cycling.

Cycle Helmets

This is essential to your bike if you often go on extended rides. If you ride a bike, even if you merely ride in the rear, you must wear a helmet. Protect yourself from harm while still looking great with our high-quality full and half-face helmets, which include a clean inside to reduce the risk of infection.

Leather Boots Designed For Riding

Riding boots come in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet each rider’s demands. Off-road riding boots, short/city riding boots, sports riding boots, etc., are all fair game. Bike riders should always wear boots for safety and control while getting on and off the bike and for protection in case of an accident. Good biking footwear will have an oil-resistant sole that provides exceptional traction.

Leather Gloves For Riding

Additional protection, ease, and style may all be found in a pair of riding gloves. They protect your hands from serious injury, increase your grip strength for better handlebar control, and dampen the vibrations from the road. The gloves are designed to block some of the sun’s harmful rays. They are moisture-wicking, protect your knuckles, and can be adjusted to suit your wrists perfectly. The force of contact with the pavement may be reduced and serious cuts and bruises avoided by wearing armored gloves and protecting the knuckles.

Lights For Bikes

Lights on your bike are a must-have for safety and convenience. If you have to drive at night, you won’t be able to see other vehicles. Thus, every vehicle must emit its light, and bike lights play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of cyclists. When activated, the lights both increase visibility and alert other cyclists that you are nearby. These lights are protected from the elements and won’t break if they get wet. Bikes may benefit from these multipurpose LED lights in various ways, such as turn signals, brake lights, tail lights, and headlights.


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