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With all the facts about dental health issues, note that missing teeth can become more common than you could think. And once it happens, your health becomes compromised. Typically, by the time one reaches an average of 50 years, they will have lost atleast 12 teeth, including wisdom teeth. Also, an average percentage of about 69% of adults have lost atleast one permanent tooth. It means losing a tooth can be a prevalent dental problem, but there are much at stake other than noticing missing teeth. It wi negatively affect your health, and th longer you take to reach on dentist leed city centre for replacement there’s a high risk if looking for another tooth. are you having a missing tooth and you haven’t yet replaced one? take a look at these teeth problems you could experience besides dental concern

The Risks That Comes From Missing Teeth 

  • Difficulties in Chewing

We all know tooth take part while eating. It means having a missing tooth can negatively impact your with your eating routine by making it hard. For instance, when taking crips, it can enter where there’s a missing tooth causing harm to your jaws. If you avoid certain foods due to these issues, you’ll create an imbalance in your diet, causing other health issues.

  • Aged Looks

Did you know the skin on your face can skin because of a missing tooth? It is because taking care of your teeth and general dental health provides a structure to your face. It gives you an oldish look than your actual age. If you tend not to worry about missing teeth issues, you will lose your actual age looks.

  • Mental Health Problems

As per health research studies, you ought to understand an interconnection between your tooth and mental health. Dentists from dental Leeds city centre discovered that anxiety and depression tend to be higher for patients with dental health issues, especially those with a missing tooth.

  • Dental Shifting

For dental health, each tooth takes part in a supporting set of teeth on your jaw. But with a missing tooth, the primary tooth can move to fill the gap. This side shift of the tooth affects your general tooth alignment. Teeth will move close together, making flossing difficult. And when flossing becomes difficult, so does the removing of plague, and it exposes you to risks of developing gum disease.

  • Speechless Issues

Note that you use your teeth to make sounds while speaking. Therefore, missing teeth tempers with your speech, meaning you’ll have to adjust your normal speaking to produce the same sound.

Other problems that you may experience while mossing teeth include lower self-esteem and bone loss, among others. Also, missing teeth can result in gum disease, tooth decay, and trauma.


While still thinking of the problem you may experience with missing teeth,ot possible to fix this dental issue. Therefore, looking for a dentist in the leed city centre will help you regain your beautiful smile. You can resolve these issues through dentistry procedures such as dental implants. Let mot your fear control you; you deserve a healthy dental lifestyle.