Richard Reinsdorf

A picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, you’ll be happy to know about the importance of taking product shots for your marketing campaigns. In addition to having good lighting and proper product placement, there are a few other pieces of advice to ensure your photos look their best. According to product photography expert Richard Reinsdorf, these are the top tips for taking great product pictures to attract buyers. They include;

1. Use the right camera

If you want the best product pictures, you should invest in a camera with a wide-angle lens. A wider angle lens will be able to capture more of your product, highlighting its features and giving it more depth. Also, ensure your camera allows you to set things like ISO, exposure, and white balance.

2. Get a good image background 

You should position your product in front of a good image background. Natural backgrounds are ideal because they are seamless. If you want to go for a themed background, ensure it blends well with your product not to distract potential buyers.

3. Use a tripod

If you want your products to look the best, then make use of the tripod. If you are using it in a way that doesn’t interfere with the camera itself, snap away. The tripod will ensure a better quality of pictures and result in less blur.

4. Master the lighting

Whether you are using natural or artificial lighting, ensure you have a good understanding of how each works and what they do in terms of photography. Having a better grasp of how each of these works will give you the advantage of capturing great product pictures.

5. Use a plain backdrop

A plain backdrop is ideal for product photography. It will leave the whole picture attention focused on your product. When taking a picture, you have to ensure that there are no distractions around your products.

6. Invest in high-quality lenses

When it comes to taking the best product pictures, investing in high-quality lenses can help. You can shoot your photos with a wider lens to capture all the product details and therefore give potential buyers a clear look at what they are buying.


Investing in the right product pictures and the best camera equipment can make all the difference to your marketing campaigns. According to Richard Reinsdorf, these six product photography tips will help you take better product pictures highlighting your product and allowing potential buyers to have a clear look at what they are buying.