Jay Hickman video

Jay Hickman is one of the pioneers in stand-up comedy, and he is well known for his well-written comic sets and perfect comic timing. He released seven albums in his short-lived but magnificent passion for stand-up comedy. He jokingly takes on the surroundings of any environment he is in and takes relevant content for the audience, making them roll. Here are 7 Jay Hickman’s Best Comedy Videos:

The Boat Ride

Jay Hickman was the best-selling and frequent radio-played comic artist. Boat Ride, his signature bit about a depraved sex maniac who could not talk very plain. It is one of the best works he contributed to the comic industry with amazing writing and punchlines.

Making People Laugh

In this video, he jokes about how horrible people are and how hard it is to see a smile on their face and a terrible and exhausting job to make people laugh. He also took a sharp turn on its and bits of the common person may who enters the bar with some expectation for a laugh from the performer but get disappointed when not delivered.

I’ll Hate Myself In the Morning

In this, he takes you through his drinking habit and the number of weird things he does after getting enough drunk, which makes him hate himself in the morning, making him regret things he did but now, he doesn’t even remember the incidents—mentioning some of his experience. This definite content will make you roll.

I Remember My First Time

He recalls his first time having a smoke, drink and other things that he can remember, also, going with other people’s first times. Then, he churns out the pertinent things and presents them to the audience so that they are relatable and funny.

Super Bowl Sunday

Here, he fiddles with the environment created while there’s a season of the Super Bowl Sunday and how the people in his county prepare for the event in front of their television. Funny things involving the environment when the event is on air.

Fear of Chihuahuas

He hilariously admits his fear of Chihuahuas and other factors affecting his comfort around them. We find it very amusing how crudely he finds the dogs scary and intimidating even from a distance. Although he loves dogs, his performance is very great and sets a new bar in comic timing.

Macho Man

In this video set, he performs it better, but the comic timing is perfect, along with the writing of the set. He mostly talks about how the Man of his county behaves and what it feels like to fill in their shoes. Every minute of the video will take you for a laughing ride, as a lot of pertinent.

His albums during the ’90s on the Laughing Hyena label were published after that. After that, he started creating a buzz for himself while often working in strip clubs, actually recording his shows and putting it out to the audience himself as dubbed cassettes of his act.