The paint protection film is one of the coolest car exterior gadgets in play. The interesting thing about these guys is that you can use them to preserve your car paint for a long period. So even when your car is old, it wouldn’t seem like it.

If you are looking for one of these gadgets to try, the 3m chip guard in Toronto is a very awesome piece to try out. For the installation of a paint protection film, here are seven helpful tips to guide you through.

1. Don’t bit the film once installing

It may take many days (at least forty-eight hours) for the protection film to settle and cure. Try and avoid touching the film for a couple of weeks once installed. Don’t worry about something effervescent throughout that amount. It ought to depart once hardening is complete.

Low temperatures and high humidity might speed up the method process.

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2. Don’t wash your car until the film is completely dry

While the film is subsidence and hardening, don’t wash your car. Ideally, it would help if you didn’t even drive in it. However, if you can’t avoid driving, use caution concerning golf stroke pressure on the coating. Also, it will be best to avoid issues with the slow down the drying process.

3. Be good concerning cleanup

Ideally, once putting in the film, you must ignore industrial, automotive washes. Yes, giving them up is also robust; however, if you would like the coating to last longer, you would like to.

At least, visit these automotive washes fewer softies. Use caution not to use a pressure washer close to the sides of the film.

4. Invest in high-quality cleanup product

Try not to use low-quality automotive wash soap. It’s going to contain harsh chemicals that harm the film or uninteresting the coating. Instead, opt for shampoos with lubrication additives. When you purchase a microfiber mitt, ensure its specifically designed for machine care.

If you choose to wax the film, ensure it doesn’t contain dissolvent or hydrocarbon with an amount of over five-hitter. Avoid waxes with dyes.

5. Wash your automotive twice a week

No matter how clean your automotive seems, ensure to wash it weekly. It will keep the coating in mint condition.

6. Avoid direct daylight while washing your automotive

Direct daylight creates heat that let alone automotive wash soap and water, might harm the coating. Think about washing your vehicle in the shade or within a garage.

7. Use separate buckets and mitts for wheels  

Tires collect little abrasive detritus from the road. However, if you employ an equivalent microfiber mitt for each tire and, therefore, the car’s body, you’ll harm the coating.


With film, maintenance is simplified, but you need to continue to take care of your vehicle. To enjoy the better benefit of your films like the 3m chip guard in Toronto, Invest in high-quality laundry gear, avoid the abrasive product, and wash your automotive frequently to get pleasure from the “dealership” hunt for an extended time to come back.