facebook affiliate marketing eBook
Facebook affiliate marketing eBook

For writers, spreading the word about your Ebook can be strenuous. To sell books, you need to find more readers and have marketing strategies to help increase sales. One of the platforms is Facebook. There are a lot of ways you can affiliate marketing ebooks on Facebook.

  • Create Author Page

Using your own Facebook profile can limit what you can do with Facebook. We recommend setting up an official author page to promote your book on Facebook easily. Facebook affiliate marketing ebooks by scheduling posts, using ads to get more likes, and efficiently advertising to those who have liked your page.

  • Keep Facebook posts short

Followers are more likely to read and respond to a quick post. A post with a brief question and a link to a longer blog post is an excellent tactic for affiliate marketing ebooks.

  • Make Posts Interesting

Facebook can affiliate marketing ebooks when posts about the book are more attractive. Images are a great way to keep posts interesting. If you link a webpage that has a shared image, Facebook will automatically insert the image for you. You can also post funny images or memes. You can also include a question that will fuel the audience’s participation.

  • Ask Readers to share posts with others.

Asking readers to share posts with others can be Facebook affiliate marketing ebooks. Most people are always willing to share a post but don’t naturally think of sharing unless asked. An excellent way to encourage readers to share posts is by a comment that may state, ‘please share with friends at the end of every post.

  • Post about Giveaways

Readers would like to get free books and post about giveaways through Facebook affiliate marketing ebooks. Giveaways for books downloaded directly from a landing page and can even include additional prizes, like a gift card. These giveaways can be a book you are giving away to attract subscribers, where readers will have to sign up for your newsletter to receive a new book. These kinds of posts get a lot of shares and can help you gain more followers.

  • Boost Posts on your Page

To Facebook affiliate marketing ebooks, you will have to try and boost posts on your page. This boosting comes at a fee for it to appear higher on Facebook users’ news pages, which means they’ll be more likely to see and respond to it. The posts you boost should be those that promote your Ebook or bring users to your website somehow.

  • Promote your Ebook using Ads

Ads can be effective on Facebook affiliating marketing ebooks. Ads can be very tricky to get right, but they have unique effects when done correctly. An ad should have only a tiny amount of text, most of it being an eye-catching image. The best ads promise viewers something: offering a free book through an ad can be very effective. Ensure the ad links to a compelling landing page on your website or the website hosting your book.


with so many ways to promote your Ebook on Facebook, mentioned above are some of the ways you can accomplish your goal. Let’s hope that these ways can help you sell more books and get more subscribers.