Vocalmeet review

With modern e-learning, professionals get an unlimited supply of courses, workshops, and certifications. For most industries, professionals need to update their training constantly. Currently, most associations offer their members continued education as a benefits membership. They can host their continuing education content with LMS. 

Thanks to the LMS platform is available to take off the burden of offering continued education. LMS isn’t one size fit for all platforms as each association needs its unique functions and features. However, there are still factors that all associations need in LMS. Following vocalmeet reviews, here are the things not to leave yours for LMS.

  • Direct Instructions and Training Resources

New members tend to be vulnerable during the early stages of their membership. Access to training would make them feel comfortable and supported. Each course and training module should have a clear description, goals, and requirements laid out in detail. Members should also get access to the user guide for the LMS to ensure they know how to maximize their ability to the fullest when using the system. If they encounter a problem in the system or training, they should be able to contact the instructor. Good support lines and resources will help members overcome their issues before the system’s molehill grows into a mountain.

  • Clear, Concise Content

A powerful LMS revolves around a user’s experience. Primary content will keep members returning more often after a course. Dedicating time and resources to creating and maintaining high-quality content is essential. Ensure course materials are organized and easy to follow and industry changes reflect in training. You might be tempted to put more information into your course but remember you need them concise and focused. It will make the information memorable and usable. Consider having multiple courses rather than a single and generalized one.

  • Assessment Tools

For some organizations, LMS is made from behind-the-scenes operations. While looking for LMS options, consider the one with powerful assessment tools. It will send periodic reports about your courses, flagging any issues or concerns. It makes it easy for course administrators and instructors to record learner growth and progress, spot weaknesses or soft spots in the course content, and track compliance percentages. It will also make course administration more effective overall. 

  • Integration and Customization

When LMS is at its best, it looks and operates similarly to association systems. Optimal integration ensures the best user experience — feeling smooth and seamless. It should be easier for members to navigate between the association’s website, the LMS, and the e-commerce section. The integration allows an association to incorporate different learning formats, applications, and software into the LMS.


When looking for a perfect LMS, there are many features you’ll need for it to fit in. Since each association has unique needs, LMS should have tailored solutions. When you’re shopping around for your LMS, ensure you don’t leave out these features. For assurance, consider relying on vocalmeet to help you get LMS tailored to your association’s needs.