wall wrap designs

Do you stare at your blank walls looking for inspiration? Customized wall wrap designs will provide you with the most cost-effective solutions than you’d ever think. While trying to create an eye-catching impact on your office or public-facing commercial space, it may be hard to think outside the traditional solutions.

You’d stop and picture how art pieces, promotional posters, and signage could be attached to transform the space can get the impact you want. But looking at it differently, what could you stick to a blank wall to conceal it and create a visual effect? What if the wall itself became the impact, portraying your brand and company message? It is where wall wrap designs come to play as they perfectly transform your space, giving it a unique, eye-catching feel.

Wall wrap designs are graphics image or design that is printed onto vinyl and then installed onto a wall. They can be customized to meet your needs, from alterations to existing company designs to innovative, experimental designs. They are one of the simplest and most-effective ways to create a genuine wow factor in your business space. Installation of custom wall wraps is quick and easy while instantly giving undeniable appeal to any space.

Are Wall Wrap Graphics Durable?

High-traffic areas can become expensive and time-consuming projects that need constant repairs. However, wall wraps remove the need to constantly redecorate with solutions from smudged paint to torn, sun-bleached wallpaper. They are made from a durable and wipeable material resistant to stains and chemicals, making wall wrap graphics the best solution to outlive traditional decorating materials.

Get Creative With The Wall Wrap Design

In designing, the sky is always the limit, as you have a big blank canvas than ever before. Whether at malls, conference rooms,  retail stores, office spaces, buildings, exhibits, reception areas, or in your home, you can get striking wall graphics in any shape and form on your walls. Your options are endless, from pop-art style illustrations and bold and lively text to enlarged photographs to huge maps. While customized wall wrap allows you to transform an entire wall into an impactful and meaningful piece of art or advertising, the benefits include;

  • Showcase your logo – brand your space by highlighting your company’s logo in wall graphics 
  • Custom wall graphics can fit any space
  • If your office space lacks windows, you can create your view with images of a landscape or city. 
  • You can utilize unused wall space to announce your new products and services.
  • Simple installation and easy removal or replacement as needed
  • Enhanced durability and UV layer to protect the wall from damage caused by the sun
  • Cost-effectiveness that can fit with nearly any budget


Custom wall wrap designs can promote your brand, feature your medical services, or enhance your home’s indoor aesthetic. There are endless options that can transform any space. If you are looking for a unique design element for a wall in your business or personal space, consider quality wall graphics that assures you of durability and longevity while creating a wow factor for customers, staff, visitors, and passers-by.