Laasya Sudhakar Palicha

When you stop and look around, you’ll realize how unique and beautiful the world is. Bringing nature into photos connects viewers to the imagery and creates a beautiful texture and depth. Regarding portrait paintings, Laasya Sudhakar Palicha is a renowned natural artist. She started painting as a hobby and gradually developed a passion for art. She firmly believes in positivity when painting something. She developed competency in art, which earned her many awards for her paintings. She also featured in top art fairs. If you want to explore the world with portraits in mind, seek inspiration from your surroundings and try some of these tips.

Look for natural framing.

Laasya Sudhakar Palicha explains a subject photographed through trees and leaves adds depth and interest to the image. Stick yourself between branches or climb into the bushes. Shooting through the greenery lets you create a foreground, which gives that lovely layered depth. If you intend to focus on your subject, the foreground takes on a dreamy, blurred quality that helps to draw the eye directly to your subject.

Use natural elements as props.

Bring some greenery or a bouquet. It will add some color and texture to your portraits. Alternatively, forage while you’re on location and see what you can find; wildflowers, ferns and abandoned leaves can be a great addition to a session.

Grab your wide-angle lens

Bring in the landscape as you can with your lens selection. Do it on a full-frame camera, allowing you to back up and photograph the entire scene while shooting quickly. You can also go wider to highlight your surroundings. Position your subject at the center of the and allow the scene to surround them. Play with image and subject distance from the background until you find a look you love. 

Find the light

Nothing beats magical light to bring nature to life. Aim your shootings in golden hours if nature allows. It will let light highlight your surroundings and fall in a more flattering way on your subject than it would on direct sunshine. Shooting on a day with light fog or mist is always the best time to capture the sun’s rays—it works best in a forestry setting. Filter the sunlight in your environment to avoid washed photos. 


From Laasya Sudhakar Palicha‘s perspective, including natural beauty in your portraits, it’s a great way to add interest. You can always check forest and mountain pictures that you’d love to see and perfect your shooting skills.