Afrocentric Content

About 17% of the world population belongs to Afro-origin. Updating this population with the latest Afrocentric information is a crucial task. Even though the general news portals are available to provide information on current happenings, but they might overlook some internal issues related to any specific community.

Each community has its own space where its members sort out their internal matters. The Afro-origin community also requires such online space, where the community members can get updates on their internal affairs.

The good thing is such a platform is already available under the brand name of “ForeTVHub” which presents current updates on Afrocentric issues. Let’s discuss this platform and the contents that it comes up with.

Introduction to ForeTVHub

ForeTVHub updates the African origin communities with the latest happenings and also raises their internal issues on its digital platform. It is an Afrocentric media that provides the latest content in different ways. It updates its readers and viewers with African-community related news no matter if it is based on major or minor issues. It presents combined contents that include updates related to politics, sports, business, movies, arts, culture, lifestyle, e-books, and more.  

ForeTVHub presents news content distribution, the marketplace, and video streaming. It is available across digital ways and increasing its reach via social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can find the below-mentioned content on it.


The first section of ForeTVHub is NEWS that includes each trending section. ForeTVHub covers every important story along with the elaboration of how these issues impact the Afro-origins.

It also focuses on countries where African Diaspora is residing. These countries include Brazil, United States, Haiti, Colombia, France, Venezuela, and others. In addition to it, ForeTVHub also covers happenings in any country that impact international issues.


This section carries the stories related to sports including the current developments about Football, Boxing, Racing, Golf, Biking, Badminton, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Table Tennis, and other sports. The championships held on an international level are also covered by ForeTVHub under this section.

The sports section is further subdivided into Olympics, Stories, Editor’s Picks, Featured, and Videos. It provides the amazing experience of sports no matter if you are accessing the website on a computer, mobile, or tablet, all versions are user friendly and accessible on each device.


This section covers all business-related news with industry, economy, ratings, innovation, entrepreneurs, and leadership related articles. It doesn’t matter if any development has been made in Elon Musk’s Tesla or Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook, ForeTVHub presents every detail to its targeted audiences.

Under the BUSINESS subdivisions, ForeTVHub publishes stories on industrial matters related to different sectors. These sectors are information technology, automobile, construction, food, oil, chemical, medical, and others. Each business-news is provided along with explaining its impact on Afro-origins.


This section includes everything related to the entertainment industry. Through this section, ForeTVHub presents updates on entertainment, events, fashion, featured videos, lifestyle, inspirations, celebrities, awards, and more. Here, the afro-community also in focus, all contents related to them are considered first.


This is the most beautiful section that contains purely afro-centric diversify culture. In this section, the historic and current art is discussed. In each article, you can find the expression of human’s creative skill and imagination. Every visual will tell you about the richness of Afrocentric culture. 


As the ForeTVHub is fully Afrocentric, it doesn’t skip even a little update that impacts the community. It not only focuses on the current happenings but also covers the historic arts and culture. Reading it regularly will update you with the latest developments especially on Afrocentric issues.