How to Abide by Marketing Ethics?

Any business in a market economy is expected to act in its own best interests. William Schantz, however, suggests that you need to avoid be coming unethical while marketing your products or promoting your business. The purpose of marketing is to provide you with a competitive advantage.

One of the most effective ways to boost your marketing strategy is to follow fundamental ethical rules regularly. According to Schantz, some marketing strategies may be able to acquire clients by using unethical practices, but the price is high. By using unethical marketing practices, you endanger the company’s long-term reputation and brand image.

Here is what you need to do in order to stay ethical while marketing for your company:

Never Exploit the Emotions of Your Consumers

Eliciting an emotional response from customers is one of the most effective tactics for increasing interest in a product or service. However, it could be deemed exploitative if you utilize insensitive ways to provoke undesirable sentiments. Rather than being misled, customers prefer to be sympathized with.

Be Mindful about Sustainability & Human Rights

For many customers, ethical consumption is becoming more important. People want to know that the products they buy are made in a sustainable and ethical manner. William Schantz says that you should be open and honest about your product’s ingredients, components, and supply chain.

Never Exaggerate While Advertising

Some advertisers will flatly lie about the popularity or quality of a product without having any regard for marketing ethics. Some examples include telecommunication companies claiming that their service will provide coverage no matter where you are or when internet service providers claim that they will provide upload and download speeds that they cannot possibly meet.

Safeguarding the Customers’ Data & Privacy

With the rising concerns on data security and privacy, it is necessary that all of your marketing practices ensure user privacy. More importantly, Schantz believes that it is the responsibility of any organization that collects customer data for any reason to protect it. This means that you avoid sharing client data or using black hat tactics like spam emails or cold calls to random phone numbers.

The Integrity of Both Parties Should Stay Intact

We have all heard horror stories about sleazy salespeople sneaking into the homes of the elderly and making a sale based on the person’s confusion rather than a genuine need or desire for the product. This is not something you should accept in your workplace. Make sure that everyone who works for you acts morally and ethically at all times.


You must guarantee that every area of your business is ethical, from the materials you use to how you treat your staff to how you advertise. William Schantz believes that if you want to be known as a company that generates sales through ethical marketing practices, then you need to exercise care every step of the way. Making a profit is important, but remaining ethical while you do so is even more essential.

So, examine your current marketing approach to see whether it may be enhanced using these principles of marketing ethics.