Front Lace Wigs

People may choose to wear wigs for many reasons, from hair loss to the sheer excitement of trying out different hair colours and styles.

Front lace wigs use a sheer lace addition to imitate a soft, natural hairline for the wig wearer instead of a sudden, abrupt hairline. Lace front wigs are perfect for people who might be anxious about wearing a wig for the first time for fear it looks too bold or unnatural. Instead, lace front wigs offer a solution that melts into the natural hairline. They have been revolutionary in the wig landscape over recent years. 

How Are Front Lace Wigs Made?

Front lace wigs are made by securing a small, flesh-coloured lace mesh panel to the front of the wig cap and then hand-knotting fine hairs through the holes of the lace so they can move freely like natural hair. This lace panel blends in with the skin, so the wispy baby hairs at the front are all you can see. The rest of the wig cap is made from a stronger, more durable material, as lace can be susceptible to tearing and wouldn’t make for a strong full cap. Any excess lace from the panel is trimmed down to follow the shape of the natural hairline, with the small sewn hairs emulating baby hairs on the hairline.

Benefits of Front Lace Wigs

Natural-looking cap construction

One of the biggest advantages of wearing a lace front wig is the illusion of hair growing from a natural hairline. Due to how natural the wig looks, it’s nearly impossible to tell that wearers are wearing a wig at all! The natural impression it portrays in a lace front wig is a great confidence booster for those experiencing hair loss. Lace front wigs are great at disguising an unnatural boundary between your wig and skin, making them perfect for those also looking for new hairstyles to explore.

Breathable for daily use

Lace front wigs tend to be more lightweight and comfortable than many other wig cap constructions, particularly during hot weather or when wearing a wig for a prolonged time. It can get uncomfortable if your scalp becomes warm and begins to sweat. The lace is so sheer that your scalp can breathe more easily in a lace front wig.

Varied styling options

One of the other benefits of lace front wigs is their versatility in styling. There’s no lace at the nape of the neck; there is only the wig edge, which provides your wig with volume. A volumized wig can be a priority for some women, giving the impression of healthy, blow-dried hair.

Many of our ladies find a lace front wig is more natural-looking when the wig doesn’t have a fringe. The wig and skin are merged, creating a natural-looking hairline, and providing you with more confidence to explore styling options. Equally, you can sweep away the fringe of any of our front lace wigs without running the risk of revealing the wig edge.

Finding the perfect wig can be difficult, especially if this is your first wig and you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. You can browse the extensive range of ladies’ wigs to find the perfect wig!