hoop ring frame

What is a Hoop Ring Frame?

An object consists of a pair of concentric circular rings. These hoops come in varying sizes and are usually small enough to be controlled by one hand comfortably in your lap. For a larger ring, they have a tightening device, in most cases, usually in the form of a metal screw. Originally these hoop ring frame were made from ivory, bone and wood. These days,  hoops are made of plastics or wood. They can be attached on a floor or to a tabletop when both hands are free for sewing. It helps in increasing the speed and precision of the work performed.

How to Use Hoop Ring

Why use a hoop ring? They are necessary for all types of stitching where fabric is needed to ne kept in taut. It helps in giving better tension and preventing distortion. Mostly applied in linen which is softer than Aida fabric. At times, simplicity is best since hand embroidery and cross-stitch looks modernized and fresh when finished in a wood hoop. Here are simple steps on using a hoop ring frame to come up with a beautiful finish all-time.

Firstly, you’ll need a hoop ring frame, scissors, embroidery floss and needle, pen, and felt sheet.

  • Wash and Iron

It’s the first step since your cross stitch may appear clean, but the oil from your hands are more likely to be collected in the fabric while you stitched. That’s why washing and ironing are very important. Don’t forget to follow instructions while preparing your stitching for framing.

  • Cut Backing Felt

Once done with ironing and cleaning, separate the hoop ring you are using to frame your piece. Then place it in a hoop ring on the side of the piece felt as you draw using a pen. Finally, cut a circle of felt and place it aside. It is to help you trace around the outside of the hoop ring.

  • Put Across Stitch in a Hoop

Place the inner loop on a flat surface as you lay dried and pressed cross stitch face up on top of the ring. Centre the design and place the outer ring on top. Ensure the screw is centred at the top of your design. After the design is positioned where you want it, make sure it the taut and not too tight such that the design is distorted. Finally, tighten the screw on the embroidery hoop.

Using your needle,  thread with the length of the embroidery floss while leaving a 3-inch tail. Sew running round the stich around the circle about ¼ inches from the edge. When you get back to the beginning of the circle, remove the needle. Then pull the end of the threat. the fabric will gather and pucker together. Keep doing it, slowly adjusting the folds towards the centre till the fabric lies flat. In the end, tie a simple knot to secure.

  • Apply The Felt Backing

With another length of embroidery floss and needle,  proceed with stitching the felt circle to the back of the ring hoop. You are free to either use a small witch stich or blanket stich. Ensure you use thread that’s the same colour as the felts so as the stitches disappear.


That’s all you need to know about hoop ring frame and its easy to use procedures which you can achieve yourself. Since there are different sizes of hoops available for you to select,  you only have to go for the ine that will best suit your projects or, depending on you, need it for home or portable.