Breathwork is a broad word that covers any type of therapy that utilizes breathing techniques to enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. A variety of breathwork therapies are being used today. The breathwork facilitator training comes with its unique methods of using the breath to help heal.

It is founded on Eastern practices like yoga and Tai Chi while incorporating Western psychotherapy techniques. To improve self-awareness, breathing exercises could be combined with elements of psychotherapy as well as art, music, and movements.

It is possible to do it by individuals, couples or groups. The session should be conducted by licensed professionals.

What conditions are covered by the Breathwork Treat?

The goal of all breathwork therapies is to assist individuals in gaining greater awareness and capacity to heal themselves.

It also helps people make important improvements in their mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Therapists for breathing help the participants master various breathing techniques for therapeutic purposes.

Breathwork Therapy: Different Types

There is a variety of breathwork therapy currently available. Most of them have the same basic principles. Some of the most popular types of breathwork include:

Holotropic Breathwork

In this type of breathing, the goal is to achieve an experience of “wholeness” in the body, mind, and soul. The sessions are conducted by certified practitioners. Making use of “evocative” music, and sometimes movement, the participants are instructed through breathing exercises while lying down. The intention is to induce the sensation of an altered state. Holotropic breathwork is typically performed in groups. The couples assist each other in the process. Mandalas are usually made by the participants about their breathing experiences immediately following the breathing exercises performed in the group. The sessions conclude by having a conversation and sharing. This helps participants digest the lessons they’ve learned.

Breathing Work Rebirthing

This type of breathing work is also known as conscious breathing to increase energy. The foundation of this practice is the belief that every person is carrying the traumas from their childhood. Rebirthing aims to help patients in dissolving the energy blocks that have been stored in the body and mind because of traumas that were hidden. As part of the treatment, patients are asked to lay down, relax and breathe normally. Through the use of “conscious connected circular breathing,” it is possible to break down the blocks. The tensions resulting from past traumas are removed. Deep relaxation is used to stimulate brain waves and permit the release of traumas from the subconscious.

Clear BreathworkThis kind of practice is based on some of the fundamentals in breathwork which is rebirthing. It doesn’t focus on the birth traumas just. Clarity breathwork addresses every issue that could hinder the healthy flow of breath and energy. Breathwork that is clear is based on the assumption that the majority of people do not breathe to their fullest capacity. In the end, what exactly is breathwork? It’s to teach people to breathe deeply. It helps to reduce the emotional stress that causes people to feel stuck. A breathwork facilitator training begins with a comprehensive discussion of recent issues and previous experiences. Sessions will feature in-depth intuitive counseling, exploration of the somatic along with an hour’s worth of breathing exercises.