With the recent emergence of cyber-attacks and stealing information from cyberspace, cyber security has become an important issue. Even reputed companies like Google, Dell have fallen victim to these cyber-attacks. Such companies are in search of professionals who can check for loopholes and safeguard the company’s information. These professionals must have enough knowledge about the security domain and good command of security tools and techniques. If you possess a keen wish in the IT sector, you must have an astounding knowledge of cyber security technology. CompTIA Advanced security practitioner certificate or CASP can vouch for the best IT security experts.

What is CASP?

CASP is a well-known credential that can vouch for the best IT security experts. It delivers the practical knowledge and skills required to implement complex technology. If you want to immerse yourself in technology, security architecture, and operation, then CompTIA CASP Certification provides the complete course to tackle such problems. It enables the candidates to apply critical analysis to tackle a broad spectrum of issues.

CompTIA qualifications and courses are widely known and highly respected in the IT industry. The straightforward approach of CASP is well-loved and recognized among students. CASP can fulfill the certification requirements to meet IA technical manager, security architect, and engineer.


People often mistake both these terms as one while they both are different terms with another purpose. CISSP (certified information systems security professional) is the most renowned course in the industry and remains one. It is justified why it remains the highly reputable one among others. It deals with a wide range of knowledge and complex information. It notes that CISSP is more about the management of security information rather than a detailed understanding of specific technical controls. It demonstrates a five-year-long working experience.

While CASP deals with understanding specific technical controls, it may not be highly regarded as CISSP. But it is said to provide a practical approach to attain cyber security skills and technical mastery. It also provides a stepping stone towards CISSP in the future. It also costs less than CISSP. CASP is beneficial as it allows for performance-based questions as well as multiple-choice questions.

Why is CASP important?

CASP is essential from your career point of view if you are aspiring to be in the IT sector. CASP is more in-depth about technical and cyber security technology. It is more about the practical and performance than theoretical knowledge. It is a professional certification for experts working in the IT security domain. There are plenty of jobs CASP has secured. These are some of the popular job profiles that would help you choose a specific field for your career.

1. Security engineer

A security engineer is an IT professional responsible for tackling an organization’s existing security problems by creating sophisticated solutions. It is the work of a security engineer to maintain secure information in computer networks. Some other tasks performed by a security engineer are to design and evaluate technologies, implement secure network solutions, monitor troubleshooting, and avoid cyber-attacks against data and information.

2. Chief security officer

A Chief security officer is an essential member of an organization. This position is of utmost importance. CSO is at the senior management level who takes all the security policies developed by security engineers and analysts. They are mainly responsible for managing online safety protocols, risk management, and responding to security incidents. The key responsibility of a CSO is to prevent data breaches, malware, virus attacks, or any hacking. They protect the data and assets against illegal trespassers. In recent years the role of a CSO has expanded. They are not only responsible for the digital information but also the physical information of the corporation. They have influenced all over the corporation security.

3. Cyber security analyst

A cyber security analyst is yet another essential member of an organization. Their job is to protect IT infrastructure from all malware, virus attacks. They are continually monitoring the corporation’s security to prevent any data breaches or malware. They are in charge of managing in case anyone hacks the organization’s network system. They have to remain up to date with the new technologies to watch over hacker’s moves. They are also responsible for creating upgraded security programs using analytical tools and procedures.


IT professionals in the security domain are currently in high demand for their exceptional skills to do away with cyber-attacks. To propel this region, you need to have an authorized certificate from an outstanding credential like CompTIA.