Guy Gentile

Various factors affect the working of Day Trading. No one can predict the future in a short period. Usually, Day traders have small losses on trades but may have many of them. Whenever we go online, we see many Day Trading Books or apps promising a low-risk way to make a fortune; however, if you ask any of them to produce an accurate time track record, you want to get any. 

The reason behind this is Day Trading is not an easy way to make money; instead, it can be said that it’s an easy way to lose all of your money. That’s why it is better to get or become a professional Trader. Professional Trader will help you in getting daily basis updates as well as tips regarding Trading. And one of the best traders to follow is Guy Gentile.

Guy Gentile

Guy Gentile is a famous Day Trader. He was born on July 3, 1976, in Puerto Rico. The guy is an American entrepreneur, business executive, and high-frequency trading expert. He is also a traveling lover. Currently, he is the owner of DayTraderPro and is well-known for founding two high-frequency trading firms.

Guy Gentile’s Professional Life

In 1999, Guy Gentile founded “Speedtrader,” [which is currently owned by Stock USA Investments, Inc,] earlier known as Speed Trader, Inc; later, in 2011, Gentile founded “SureTrader,” which was a division of Swiss Americas Securities, Ltd. And in less than a year in operation, the firm “SureTrader” reported 100,000+ equity transactions daily. The firm’s success prompted a significant expansion to meet scaling demands, and the firm set out to increase staff by 200% in March 2012. By 2012, both “SureTrader” and “SpeedTrader” were ranked among Barron’s top online brokers.

In May 2012, as “SureTrader” reported averaging 30,000 transactions daily, Guy Gentile then broke ground on Sur Club, a 1.2 million-dollar sushi restaurant offering both a club and dining experience. It received 500+ advance applications for its opening night. He has also appeared in Bloomberg.

Final Words…!!!

So, don’t waste your precious time and hard-earned money on a non-results platform of trade coaching. Instead, you should take advice from Guy Gentile, one of the world’s best day traders helping individuals worldwide, including the USA, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom. Also, he launches a highly professional platform for all beginners in this field. So, join his day trading course on ‘DayTraderPro’ and proceed to get a successful future in the trading field.