Transmission Service

A mechanic may tell you your car’s transmission needs to be serviced. But what does this mean? Sometimes, auto mechanics don’t always make it clear. They might not want customers to understand, or they may feel that it’s impossible to explain things in terms that customers can understand. Elite Auto Repair does not think that way.

You should know what to do if your car requires transmission service. We will be discussing four types of transmission services and what they involve.

  1. Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

The fluid used to lubricate your transmission’s gears is automatic transmission fluid. This fluid can be damaged by heat, friction, time and heat. The manufacturer recommends that you have your automatic transmission fluid changed at regular intervals to avoid damage to your vehicle.

We also remove the transmission drain plug during this procedure to drain all the fluid. Before reinstalling the plug, we check its integrity. Then, we refill your car’s transmission system with clean fluid that is compatible with your manufacturer’s recommendations.

  1. Fluid Replacement and Filter for Automatic Transmission

A filter is installed in your car to clean the transmission fluid. This filter can become dirty over time and reduce the vehicle’s performance.

First, we remove the transmission pan and replace the filter with one that meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Before reinstalling your transmission pan, we will also take out and replace the gasket material. Your manufacturer will recommend that your transmission fluid be refilled.

  1. Manual Transmission Service

In their mechanical operation, manual transmissions work similarly to automatic transmissions. Only the difference is that the driver and not the car operates the clutch. Manual transmission service involves completely draining the system and then refilling the transmission fluid with the correct grade.

  1. Complete Transmission Service

The most comprehensive type of preventative transmission maintenance is complete transmission service. We not only replace the transmission fluid and filter but also inspect various components to ensure they are in working order. We inspect the transmission pan and sump. We clean the transmission pan. We replace the pan’s gasket. We will also inspect your transmission for any metal particles and friction damage. If your transmission is showing excessive wear, we will let you know. Our auto mechanic will recommend the best course of action if there are any serious problems.

“What Should I Do To Get Started?”

First, bring your car in for an inspection. We do this for each client. We hope that the solution to your problem is simple. Our long-term success is due to the loyalty of our customers, not one single transaction. We offer high-quality transmission repair, replacement, and service. We don’t charge hidden fees or exaggerated pricing.

Our reputation for high-quality parts and service is unmatched. We offer a nationwide warranty for all transmission repairs or replacements for 24 months. This means that you are covered regardless of where you live in the United States.

Contact us today for excellent service and quality transmission work.