Microcurrent Technology

Skin rejuvenation can be accomplished using various methods, including exfoliation and laser treatment. Microcurrent Technology is the most widely utilized anti-aging procedure. The microcurrent promotes energy generation in the skin, which drives the development of collagen fibers. This can provide the face with a more “lifted” contour by toning and tightening the skin.

What is Microcurrent Technology?

Microcurrent Technology is a low-voltage electrical current that increases the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a coenzyme that transports energy throughout our bodies. When ATP is triggered, it serves to retrain nerves, promote cellular proliferation, enhance collagen formation, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fill the skin, and reduce discoloration and blotchy skin.

How does Microcurrent Technology work?

A machine uses modest electrical currents to stimulate the tissue between probes implanted on the face. The investigations work together to stop the circulation and re-educate musculature by manually shifting them into the appropriate location in a sequence of movements to create a remembering that keeps the new shape. The microcurrent replenishes the exchange of power that your cells had lost when healing an infected or wounded area, enabling them to mend and recover to their previous glory.

Why is Microcurrent Technology necessary?

The search for the current “IT” therapy in anti-aging is never-ending. Microcurrent Technology is a relatively breakthrough that has sparked curiosity. Using electricity, this cosmetic treatment promotes the formation of collagen fibers. It is essential because of the numerous advantages:

  • Enhance health and attractiveness.
  • Lift and tighten aging skin.
  • Tone the facial and spinal erectors.
  • Improve the appearance of drooping eyelids and jaw.
  • It helps to repair injuries and defects.
  • It reduces and eliminates the appearance of wrinkles.

Is it suitable for all?

Microcurrent Technology is safe for skin of all ages, whether 20-year-old skin for prevention or 60-year-old skin for rejuvenation. People with a history of cardiac issues, seizures, thromboembolism, hypertension, asthmatic, diabetes, sclerosis, or those who have electrical devices installed are not eligible for therapy. Microcurrent treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, individuals with skin problems, or persons who have just had facial surgery.

How do I get this treatment?

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As soon as their late 20s, everyone can begin using Microcurrent technology for preventive skin treatment. Women’s skin begins to lose suppleness in their 30s and 40s, with elastin loss increasing in the first 5 years of menopausal. A proper skincare program, which includes regular sun protection, is the first step in preventing aging skin. These energizing facial treatments can boost collagen growth and leave skin looking full and vibrant.