Selective High School
Selective High School

If you’re planning on transferring to the Selective High School here in QLD in years 8 to 11 in the future, you’ll likely need to take a Higher Ability Selection test in QLD. Here are the ins and outs of what you can expect about this test. Let’s begin.

What Exactly is it?

The HAST test can be described as an exam called the Higher Ability Selection Test, designed and evaluated by ACER. It comprises four major sections: mathematical reasoning, abstract reasoning, reading comprehension and written expression (writing assignment). The schools administer the test to evaluate the academic ability of gifted children.

Students must pass this test because they are aiming for a top-ranking Selective High School. It is a cost-effective method to maximize the chance of achieving a high ATAR for year 12. The HAST exam might not be the most difficult, but it’s a highly competitive test. It is due to the limited number of available seats at these schools.

The Procedure to Get Entry into a Selective High School

Each school differs in the method to get entry into a Selective High School, but the schools mentioned above require a HAST examination to be taken. Students are not automatically transferred between the Selective High Schools. If a child wants to change schools, parents have to apply directly to the Selective High School they wish their child to attend and adhere to their admissions procedures.

The school combines the HAST score with other supporting documents such as the last two years of the report, NAPLAN reports, external academic accomplishments, and participation in extracurricular activities. It is also required to apply to prove residency and pay an application fee that is similar to $60. The cost isn’t refundable, and the more schools you want to use, you must pay the additional fee also.

How Do I Prepare?

Be sure to work closely with your teacher to ensure that you do pass the HAST exam. You are prepared for possible topics and questions that could be asked. You may take assistance from HAST practice tests offered in QLD. There are patterns in the questions.

The best part about HAST is they don’t alter many of the elements concerning the exam, which makes it much easier for students as our great instructors to anticipate the exam. Some years ago, we were forced to perform trial and error by ourselves since there was no one on one tutoring, with only a few resources. However, it is now available.

There is no requirement to find a tutor that is transferring before or has passed the HAST exam to give. While it is beneficial for some tutors, there are the tutors who haven’t been through this process and the selective school’s program and are still incredibly good at breaking down this Higher Ability Selection Test.