A lot of people get a limo service when they are attending parties, proms, dances, or just any special occasion. Maybe you were considering getting a limousine for a party or a special occasion. Whatever the reason, there are some primary checks to consider before deciding which service to use. Here is the checklist:

  1. Experience. How long has the company been operating? Generally, older companies are better companies. Being able to survive in the business means that you have to offer reliable, high-quality service as well.
  2. License. Companies have to have an operating license that is provided by a federal authority. They must also have to have state operating authority permission. Check both.
  3. Insurance. Make sure that you are protected in case of an accident. Limousine companies should have commercial insurance coverage. Ask them for their certificate so you can check they are properly covered.
  4. Affiliation. A good limousine company should have a number of professional associations, such as with their local livery association and the National Limousine Association to name but a few.
  5. Testimonials. Always find out what other customers have experienced when they hired the limousine. Try to find this independently, using sources such as social media and the Better Business Bureau.
  6. Vehicle. Ask whether you can get to see the actual vehicle you will be driving in, and not just a picture of the model. Even if you can’t see the actual vehicle, you need to ask things about the details of the car, such as its passenger ratio, size, onboard entertainment, and more. Do also ask what other makes and models of vehicles the company has in its fleet.
  7. Discount. While not every limousine company will give you a discount, some will. Do always ask, particularly if you are booking for a special event.
  8. Time. Find out whether you will pay by the hour, by the day or by the event. Find out what any overtime charges are, and whether overtime is available at all. Do also look into a possible starting time policy. Often, your time starts when you are picked up, but others start charging from the minute they set off.
  9. Chauffeur. One thing you need to know about your chauffeur is whether or not you will be expected to tip them. Naturally, you should also ask about whether or not they are experienced and if they know the route.
  10. Contact. Finally, you need to know who you can contact in case of an emergency and how you can contact them. Speaking of emergencies, do also find out whether the limousine company is registered with any roadside assistance and recovery business.