Sara Wallace

Sara Wallace is a popular executive producer overseeing creative output for Asia and Europe. Having worked for Droga5 and mother for over four years in New York City, Wallace has an extensive career. She has worked in production, television, and digital media. In this blog, we shall discuss some of the most successful works of Sarah Wallace.

  1. Produced music video and live event for Beyonce 

Producing music videos and live events for famous music stars is a difficult job. Sarah Wallace and her team did it for the video of Beyoncé’s popular song, where the live video was organized for the star-studded video at the L.A. Forum.

  1. Performed for Michelle Obama at the general assembly hall of the United Nations

Sara Wallace and her team of professionals performed for Michelle Obama at the general assembly hall of the United Nations

  1. Produced Guinness, one of the awarded advertising film campaigns

After returning to London, Sara Wallace was selected to work on the “Guinness, one of the awarded advertising film campaigns. “ Guinness is among the top 5 most awarded film campaigns in advertising history.

  1. Set her own fashion advertising company

Fashion advertising is one of the primary revenue sources for businesses. Sara Wallace set up her own fashion advertising company.

  1. Produced several films

Sara Wallace has produced several films. Those films include Balmain, Revlon, Arcane, and many more.

  1. Worked as an editor for MTV

Sara Wallace worked as an editor for MTV. She was involved in producing several MTV shows and series in different countries.

Why hire Sara Wallace?

Sara Wallace is one of the most successful media producers. She is creative, hardworking, and has a passion for her work. She is also an excellent team player and loves to learn new things whenever she gets a chance. For these reasons, Sara Wallace would be an effective member of your team.

About her Experience in the smuggler

Sara Wallace moved from the United States to the United Kingdom. She worked for several companies there. In 2016, she was chosen as an upcoming influential New Leader in Digital Media. She has been working with some of London’s most respected private and public organizations, such as Droga5 (advertising agency), mother (advertising agency), and Guinness advertising agency.

In 2017, she became a Fashion Producer for several brands, including Balmain, Arcane, and Revlon. She is also the founder of her own fashion production company.

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Final words

Sara Wallace, a self-made executive producer, has produced several music videos and live events for stars, international organizations, and multinational corporations. She is an excellent professional media professional with many valuable ideas to share. Sara is one of the most popular media producers in the industry of advertising.