In Dr Balpal Sandhu I have by far and away one of the  best vets that I have found in over 30 years of having pets. It is always strange when you find a brilliant new service and you wonder what you were doing in the past with one which now seems sub-standard. The reality is though that very often you don’t realize that things can be better but when it comes to the care of our pets we really should be looking to take them to people who tick all of the boxes.

When looking for a great vet, here is what I suggest you should be paying attention to.


Honestly I had never realized how much of a pain it had been in the past to ferry the pets across town every time that I needed to have them seen to. When I found Dr Balpal at the AV Veterinary Center, I did so as it was just a few minutes from home. I would therefore most certainly recommend that when you get a new vet, you aim to find one which is as close to home as possible, it really does make the difference.

Animal Lover

I have never been to see a vet who treated animals badly but nor have I been to a vet before which loved animals as much as Dr Sandhu does. I think this is a hugely important factor now and looking at how he takes care of pets that are in his charge compared with others who I have been with, well it’s completely different. If you are looking for a new vet then I would seriously try to find a vet which genuinely loves the animals and will give them the vey best care.


I have always had pet insurance so pricing never really bothered me in the past but I have seen a clear correlation between the care that pets get and the price list. I have found that cheap vets are just that, and they offer adequate service, expensive vets are very rarely as their price suggests and I find that  they have great premises and amazing equipment, but the service really lacks any emotion and it is very much run like a business. Finally there are the mid-range vets, I find these to offer the best service and there is far more love and care in these places.


Finally I believe that you should get yourself a vet which is able to deal with at least 80% of the problems which your pet may have. The last thing you want is to have a vet which refers you to the hospital whenever something happens, they should have the facilities to deal with a lot of it in-house.

If you are not getting all of this from your vet, it may be time to look elsewhere.