These days most people are aware of what they ought to do to keep healthy and fit, considering body fitness and healthcare. It all revolves around maintaining a balanced diet, eating healthy foods, and conducting regular exercise. However, they neglect their oral health. They remain relaxed and less curious about its significance and the ill effects of improperly maintained oral health. It may happen from a lack of knowledge about dental healthcare or ignorance.

However, Alberto Serafino Motzo – A dentist, is a German specialist who plays a significant role in oral healthcare. According to him, people need to look at teeth healthy and germ-free to prevent them from significant dental problems. Alberto has worked diligently in dentistry for the last several years, and he completed his studies and started practicing dentistry, where he gained experience and knowledge in the field.

Ever since he started dentistry, Alberto has remained rigid on oral healthcare. He constantly looks for alternative and innovative solutions that are beneficial and will educate more people about oral health. He also guides while providing advisory information to children and parents to deliver preventive measures regarding oral healthcare services. His dentistry services include treating and diagnosing teeth, gums, and mouth problems.

As technology advances, Alberto Serafino ensures to stay up to date. He uses the latest technology and equipment like lasers, X-ray machines, brushes, drills, scalpels, and other medical tools. During his treatment procedure and random check-up of patients, Alberto ensures hygiene by wearing gloves, masks, and safety glasses to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. in addition, he recommends cleaning the teeth regularly to keep gum tissue healthy and prevent periodontal disease for the issue of dealing with scaling and polishing. He also uses a different instrument to remove the hardened plaque if necessary. He then polishes the teeth with a special to remove stains and polish the enamel. 


Alberto Serafino Motzo – Dentist, he’s also regarded as a working student as he studies while also looking to extend his skills, knowledge, and experience in dentistry by looking to implement new opportunities. He acts as a source of motivation for the upcoming generation interested in pursuing dentistry. He also guides while suggesting valuable tips to his colleagues and juniors so that they can learn different things from his experience.