transmission repair

Be attentive to your car while driving it, and be aware of indications that you’ve got an issue with your transmission. Being aware of these issues early will aid in preventing them from getting worse over time. Here are some signs that might indicate that your car needs a transmission repair.

Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid smells nice and is red in hue. You’ll typically see a pool of it under your car when experiencing an issue with transmission fluid. Be careful not to drive when your car is experiencing a leak since you might be unable to fill it up while driving to the dealer.

Be towed to remain as safe as possible. Once you’re there at your dealer, the technician will fix the leak within the system and then replace your fluid. The technician will also address any questions you might have regarding the leak of your fluid.

The smell of a Burning Aroma

Usually, an aroma of burning suggests that your car is running hot on the way. It is always a good idea to go to the dealer since the overheated parts could result in damage to the vehicle. A burning smell could be a sign that your transmission is getting older and it’s beginning to ignite. Change the transmission fluid immediately if you can.

Slipping Gears

It is not advisable to drive if you feel that your gears are not working properly. Visit a dealer promptly, and if you don’t risk putting yourself in danger, you and others are on the road.

Vehicle Refuses to Switch Gears

Your car isn’t switching gears is among the most obvious indicators that something is not right in your transmission. Fortunately, it’s typically simply a problem with the fluid in your transmission. It could be that you’re running in need of fluid and if so, go to us, and we’ll replenish the levels of your fluid for you.

If this problem starts to occur after visiting the mechanic you’ve not dealt with before, the mechanic might have put the wrong fluid for transmission in the vehicle. These kinds of mistakes are reasons to always make an appointment with a certified dealership to fix your issues and for regular maintenance. We’re not guilty of mistakes like this because we are extremely careful with our work.

Vehicle Is Unresponsive

If your car doesn’t change from park to drive for any reason, then you might have an issue with the transmission. There could be difficulty switching between gears. However, the issue of changing from park to drive is the most frequent. Make sure you get a transmission repair in the earliest time possible.