Should You Finish Medical Treatment Before Receiving an Injury Settlement?

Tidbit: The longer the treatment takes, the higher your expenses.

Before we delve into why you need to handle your case after you finish your medication, let us look at how long your claim will take.

Every personal injury claim is unique, making the approach different. While experienced Orlando workers’ compensation lawyers might be able to give an idea of how long the resolution of the case might take, there isn’t a definite time frame. Some cases can be handled in the shortest time possible, while others take a lot of time. Whatever the case, you need to make sure that you handle the case before the deadline.

Timing is important; let us look at a few factors which affect the timing of your case.

The Nature of the Case

Some cases that are seen to be standard can take a short time than those that are severe. For instance, car accident cases take a shorter time to settle than workers’ compensation claims.

The Insurer

The insurer handling the claim can affect how long the case drags. Some insurers have a specific time frame to handle claims, while others take a slow approach so that they can weigh the merits of the claim.

The internal workings of the insurer affect the timing of the claim. If the insurance adjuster has many cases, he might take longer to resolve the case.

The Complexity of the Case

More complex cases require more time to handle than those that are straightforward. Cases where the liability is easy to justify get settled faster than a case that isn’t so straightforward. If the defendant decides to contest liability, the case might not settle and go to trial.

Medical Treatment during a Personal Injury Claim

The course of the treatment is vital in every claim. Medical treatment dramatically affects the value of your compensation. This is because of a few reasons.

“There is a possibility that not all the medical tests reveal the full effects of an accident. Concussions, whiplash and brain injuries can go undetected for weeks.”

When you go for treatment, your doctor acts as an expert witness. He also helps corroborate the information in your evidence. The insurance is calculated depending on the evidence that the doctor provides.

The course of the treatment and the medical reports substantiate the ongoing injuries and the need for future treatment.

Should You Accept the Settle Before Treatment is Done?

If the insurer can pay a considerable settlement, then it is not a good idea to take the payout before the treatment is done.

However, at times the treatment goes on for years on end. If this is the case, then expert Orlando workers’ compensation lawyers can sit down with the insurer and the doctor to help determine what medical treatments you need in the future, and then they can come up with estimates regarding the expenses.

If you decide to accept the settlement before the treatment is done, you might not be able to get the compensation you deserve. In this situation, you have to talk to your lawyer and doctor to get the best compensation possible.

Get Professional Legal Advice Always

When it comes to deciding to settle or not, talk to Orlando workers’ compensation lawyers who have handled negotiations before. They advise you on whether to accept a settlement or hold on for longer. You owe it to yourself to take full advantage of the professionalism offered by the team.