Best Printable Jewelry tags

Efficient and systematic labelling and packaging is a reflection of the security that our Jewelry brand offers. It increases the trust of our customers with our brand. When it comes to printable Jewelry tags, we also need to take two key factors into consideration. It should be readable to barcode scanners and visible to people. It should not be too big, taking away the limelight from the piece of Jewelry. For these reasons, Radio frequency identification or the RFID printable tags becomes a vital part in this field. RFID tags is a tracking system that enables us to identify, search and track items. RFID tags help businesses to run more efficiently and economically as it costs less money but better results. 

RFID Printable Jewelry Tags

RFID is a smart seal with various solutions and options like tags, inlays and physical access cards and other touchless options which is why you need this for your brand. RFID applications are getting updated continuously, moving a step further everyday to solve age-old issues. A Jewelry store has numerous pieces of different kinds of items and the RFID printable Jewelry tags enables inventory tracking that is reliable, accurate and secure. Our RFID Jewelry tags with anti-counterfeit labels enable us to read many tags continuously. These printable Jewelry tags have contactless read and write labels and every tag is assigned a unique identification number with its chips sealed inside. 

The unique identification number of the RFID Jewelry tag will capture the complete details of the item. RFID Jewelry tags will save time by automating the manual coding process of each and every tag. It will also help you to track the location as well as the inventory visibility of the item. If you are looking to expand your business, increase profits, you need reliable RFID tags for your Jewelry store. You can customise the colour, shape and size of the printable RFID Jewelry tag with us to suit each kind of Jewelry and make your business better and make it more appealing to your customers. 

Wondering where to buy fine RFID Jewelry tags? 

Ready to take your business to the next level with printable Jewelry tags? Irys got your back. We have a variety of printable Jewelry tags that you could choose from. We have the Diamond Tag that is in white colour with a matt finish. It has a non tearable PET and has the perfect size to fit in a standard diamond packet. There is a Soft tag option which has the same features as the diamond but with a 1.5 mm hole to attach the thread. You can also go for the Reusable Hard Tag that has a 1.5 mm hole, supports re-encoding  and is reprogrammable. There is also another category which is the Standard Jewelry Tag with the tail that is available in multiple colours. The chips in these printable Jewelry tags are designed to withstand really high temperatures. These RFID Jewelry tags also have superior adhesive to support through the varied operating environments.