Custom Stickers

How you present your products defines how many people will get attracted to your product. The better you present the product, the more people will get your product. After all, nowadays, the market works on the principle of “what is visible, get sold.” Therefore, the Presentation of the product is often termed as an alternative term of marketing. So, to increase popularity and demand for your product, you should represent your product new and interesting manner. Always remember Presentation is a key to the success of your products.

To present any product to the customer, every company uses a custom sticker, often called a label which gives more idea about the product. In short, these labels represent the product of the company. You can see these labels sticking to the company products or different banners. These labels help in attracting a large no. of people to the product. These labels, therefore, play a key role in the marketing of the product. Hence, to increment the selling of more products, one should use labels to stick with your product. To get that result, you should know which material you should select for the customer’s sticker.

Different types of materials

Here is the list of some materials for stickers of different products.

  • Paper sticker:

As we all know, papers are the most cost-effective materials that one can use as a label for different products like books, notebooks, address or shipment labeling, or personal or educational use. However, you can not use this sticker outside because papers are not UV stable or waterproof. 

  • Polypropylene stickers:

The best option over paper stickers is polypropylene stickers. Nowadays, these stickers have to gain more popularity because of their versatile nature. One can use this sticker for indoor and outdoor purposes (for a short period) because these stickers are highly resistant to mechanical damage, water, and humidity. Polypropylene stickers are used for labeling foods and food packages. However, the ink present in these stickers mustn’t harm any food products. 

  • PET stickers:

If you are looking for stickers that you can use outdoor for long-term use, PET stickers are the best solution. These stickers are highly stable and are resistant to chemical, UV  radiation, heat, and mechanical damage. These stickers have huge tensile strength, which provides more durability to the stickers. 

  • Vinyl stickers:

Vinyl stickers are the most durable and versatile stickers comes in a variety of shapes which you can use for a longer period either by using them as complete sheet or by cutting them. You can use these stickers for multi-purpose use, such as window graphics, floor stickers, or branding of cars or bikes. Different types of vinyl like a magnetic, blackboard, frosted and static cling vinyl for different uses. 


Labels or custom stickers represent the product of the company. This sticker reflects the company’s product. Some customers use these stickers for floor design or window or wall graphics; it also helps add beauty to their office or home. No matter which custom sticker you use and for what purpose you use them, these stickers should be printed in high resolution and high format graphics to look them more attractive.