Medical Sharps Container

Medical sharps are medical equipment such as needles, syringes, scalpels, and other objects penetrating the skin. And Medical Sharps Container is used to dispose of the needles and other sharp objects commonly used in the health care industry. Medical sharps disposal containers are made from firm plastic which cannot be punctured, and it is marked with a line that indicates that the container is complete and it’s time to dispose of the container. So many times, the question arises why there is a need for medical sharps containers for needles and other sharps? So here is the answer…..

Why Do We Need Medical Sharps Containers?

Biomedical Waste –

Waste that contains sharp objects such as needles, blades, glass pipettes, and other wastes is a biomedical waste that is infectious and can cause significant injury if not disposed of properly. In addition, this biohazardous waste material is contaminated with body fluids; therefore, it is essential to dispose of the waste only by putting them in the container specially manufactured to dispose of this biomedical waste. 

Specially designed for Medical Wastes –

These air-tight containers are made of rigid materials which are leakproof from sides and bottom and contain an opening lid to collect depositing a sharp, but the opening should not be large enough for a hand to enter.

Better Care of Health Workers –

It is essential to understand the importance of disposing of the sharp medical waste through containers because it will help keep the health workers handling such medical equipment safely. Still, it will also help in compliance with government and industry standards.

5.6 million healthcare workers who handle such sharp objects daily put their lives in danger by exposing them to blood borne pathogens transmitted from sharps-related injuries. Therefore medical clinics, practice and surgery centers, tattoo and body piercing parlors, and others who produce contaminated needles and syringes must keep good care of their disposing system if the medical sharps waste is being disposed of properly or not. 

Big amount of medical waste & Resource –

We are not talking about any small thing; the medical industry is vast, and so is the amount of medical waste. A recent report says that the United States alone produces 5.9 million tons of waste every year. So we cannot accurately estimate the actual data of medical waste the whole world is producing. 

There could be some differences in the laws and procedures of different countries and states regarding managing and disposing of medical waste; therefore, healthcare organizations must register with the government as a Medical Waste Generator. In addition, healthcare facilities should separate their medical waste from general waste.

Last words!!!

This page is covered with all the necessary content to know why there is need of medical sharps containers for needles and other sharps. Hope this would be useful for medical institutions to use Medical Sharps Container by practicing care and caution for managing their medical waste. All healthcare facilities should take a step forward and dispose of their medical waste.