VPN app for iPhone

Even if you know next to nothing about VPNs, using one on your iPhone is utterly simple.

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network,” It is a private and secure connection between two devices connected over a network, most commonly the internet. Think of it as a secured & encrypted tunnel between two devices, such that no one outside the tunnel can intercept the communication between these two devices. This enables the two devices to send and receive private or confidential data and information.

Obviously, it’s unnecessary to tell you how to install an app on your iPhone, but sharing a few details about why to use a VPN app for iPhone will make your first experience of a VPN completely fuss-free.

Here’s a brief overview of why you’d want to use a VPN on your iPhone in the first place.


For most people, a VPN is a simple way to get around regional blocks that stop them from watching the videos they want to see or using the websites they want to access. Some YouTube videos, for example, can only be watched in certain countries, and, as everyone well knows, the shows and movies available on Netflix changes depending upon which country you’re in. A VPN app for iPhone lets you get around this and browse the sites as if you were in that country.


A VPN encrypts the connection between your iPhone and the internet. This gives you privacy as it stops your internet provider (and anyone else) from seeing which websites you visit as well as helping to make you anonymous to websites so they can’t track you (unless you sign in to them).


Public Wi-Fi usually lets you connect without entering a password, and that can be a bit risky as the connection isn’t encrypted. But a VPN app for iPhone provides encryption to safely use the internet at airports, cafes, hotels, and other places. All reputable websites and web services provide their encryption (and banks and banking apps do), but using a VPN removes any risk of exposing sensitive information.

With the help of a VPN app for iPhone, you can create a secure VPN connection between your iPhone and a VPN server physically located in some other country. There’s no shortage of VPN services in the market today. Numerous free & paid VPN websites and services offer wide.