Ice Hockey

For Pietro Triassi Montreal Canadiens are one of his biggest passions and that is why he put together this really cool initiative to get more people in and around Montreal involved in the sport. I  was fortunate enough to be in Montreal around this time and I have to be honest it was a sport which I had never really had much interesting before. I saw the initiate and I started to take more of an interest in the sport and I fell  in love with it right away.

There is so much to love about this sport and these reasons in particular are why I keep tuning in.

Game Volume

I never liked baseball but I was always tunneled by the amount of games which those teams play and it turns out that ice hockey is exactly the same, with an enormous amount of games being played each and every week. For any fan this is heaven and to be honest, it kind of hurts more when the season is over, there is so much to miss.


I like sports which are happy to engage in a bit of rough and tumble and that is most certainly the case with ice hockey, the game really is brutal. Naturally there is a lot of protective gear which they guys wear but that mustn’t stop some of the challenges which I have seen from causing quite the shock to the system.


Something which I have always loved about North American sports is the way that they are structured so that it is very difficult for the same team to consistently win. I have only been watching ice hockey for two years but I have seen so many occasions where a team wins 4 in a row and then loses 4 in a row to poor teams, and this is something which keeps the game so entertaining.


Something which amazes me more about ice hockey players than any other sport is that they are having to play a game, all whilst they are skating at a fast pace on ice. Almost every other spot involves running and walking, but these guys have to both play the game and skate well, and some of their skills are absolutely incredible.


A big issue which I have with so many sports like basketball and football is that they just stop and start all of the team, and the level of ads and marketing is absolutely crazy. There is still marketing when it comes to the NHL but nothing even close to the other sports and that means that you can really sink into the game and enjoy it, rather than get all excited before it just stops.

Are you an ice hockey fan? What exactly is it about the game that you love? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section, I’d love to hear from all you fans out there!