Fuel Discount Card

Fuel cards provide considerable fuel cost reductions for fleets by enabling the purchase of gasoline or diesel from a network filling station at a low price. Fuel cards were first introduced in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s under the name fleet cards or fuel discount cards. 

The HWY fuel Card is a discount card built for small fleets and owner-operators.

Fuel is the number one expenditure for owner-operators, and it is second only to driver compensation for fleets. To optimize your discounts, we will combine gallons and provide savings to you, the Independent Driver, and the Small Carrier. HWY fuel discount Card was developed, to work with you and keep more money in your pocket.

How Fuel Cards Save Your Money?

Huge fuel discounts and savings are lost if you are paid with cash or a credit card. You pay the credit price when using a credit card, which is normally $0.05 to $0.06 per gallon more than the cash price. Utilizing a fuel card, like our HWY fuel card, always results in a better price than paying cash (at discount locations). These savings can amount to $0.30 per gallon less than what you would pay if you paid the credit price!

Additionally, Members who useour www.hwyfuel.com fuel cards enjoy fuel reductions of up to .35 cents, depending on fuel partner location and pump or point-of-sale fuel costs.

Fuel Theft Protection

The most secure method of paying for gas is with a fuel card. Your trucker runs the risk of being robbed if they pay at the truck stop with cash. Using our HWY Fuel discount card adds an added degree of security since your drivers can make safer transactions using a unique PIN or corporate DOT number. By enabling owners to track driver activities and revoke or deactivate lost or stolen cards, fuel cards help shield the business from fuel theft.

Fuel Cards with Benefits and Rewards

Our fuel card probably provides you and your business with some benefit, whether in the form of pharmacy store points or another inducement to fill up your car at their gas station. Additionally, as we have said, various gas stations or fuel cards can give varied pump pricing. Because you can seek many ways to save money, this allows you to plan both your travel and your expenditures. We offer many rewards and benefits to our fuel card members are as follows- 

· TA (Travel Centers of America) Petro points for discounts on showers, food & parking.

· Save up to 65% on tires at Goodyear and Bridgestone.

· Save up to 80% on prescriptions from over 35,000 pharmacy locations. 

· Save at least 20% off at over 15,000 participating hotels.

Additionally, our fuel Card and “The United States of Freight” (USF) have joined to assist you to cut down on dead-head miles. One of the biggest national freights forwarding firms is USF. Our fuel discount cards are the easiest, safest, and most cost-effective way to keep your trucks fueled. Find out today how to sign up with www.hwyfuel.com and save your money. For more inquiries, contact us today!