Today, many more women are seeking healthcare from women’s health specialists. A women’s health clinic Calgary is focused on providing care to women to empower and strengthen their overall health. These specialists help women achieve physical and emotional well-being during all stages of life by promoting a positive image of women and providing them with a new perspective on their bodies. Here’s why you should visit a women’s health care specialist.

Experience & Expertise

When it comes to your health, there are several women’s health issues that are specific to women alone. These range from pregnancy and childbirth to menstruation to breast cancer to postmenopausal ailments. All these health issues require specialised treatments by doctors and nurses experienced in providing women’s health services.

Women’s health specialists have the tools and techniques specific to women’s health at their disposal to provide you with the best advice, information and medical care. Here you will receive a wealth of health information and expert advice from doctors and nurses who have dealt with these issues for many years. These are medical practitioners who have a special interest in the area of women’s health services and can offer you private consultations in a comfortable setting.

So whether you simply want an overall health checkup or have a specific women’s health concern that is troubling you, an experienced women’s health doctor can offer you trusted advice on a broad range of common women’s health subjects, including:

  • Women’s health checks and advice
  • Pregnancy and family planning
  • Common women’s health conditions

Women’s health exams monitor your well-being

Unlike scheduling an appointment because you have a cold or flu, we use health screenings to monitor your overall health and wellness. These appointments vary based on your age and individual needs, but they always focus on:

  • Screening for medical issues
  • Establishing a baseline for your general health
  • Assessing your risk of future medical issues
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle
  • Updating vaccinations
  • Building a trusted relationship with your provider

In most cases, you should schedule your first health screening at the first signs of puberty. Then, the women’s health clinic Calgary can provide personal recommendations for follow-ups based on your age, sexual activity, and personal and family history.

Women’s health exams check for many things

These appointments focus on your unique health care needs, especially your gynaecological health. We tailor each appointment to your age and lifestyle, but we always capture vital signs, such as your weight, height, pulse, and blood pressure. These measurements help give general insights into your overall health.

Based on your age and sexual activity, we may also perform:

  • A physical exam
  • Internal and external genital exam
  • HIV and sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing
  • Preventive screenings for cervical cancer or breast cancer

Women’s health clinic Calgary also uses these appointments as a way to catch up on your personal, family, and medical history since your last visit. This aspect of your appointment can offer vital clues about potential health risks you may have. 

These visits also allow you to share any concerns you may have about your health. Plus, these conversations help you build a relationship with your provider.