Eyelash Extensions

Would you like to wake up each morning with full, long eyelashes? Do you find yourself spending too much time applying mascara and eyeliner each morning? You are not the only one. This is why eyelash extensions are growing in popularity.

All about Eyelash Extensions

Before we get into the benefits of growing your eyelashes longer, it is important to understand the basics. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are popular. These are applied by hands to your natural lashes. The results will last approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on how long you have the hair. Experts recommend that the lashes be refilled approximately every six to eight weeks. This helps to maintain a natural look throughout the hair growth cycle. Just make sure to compare your look before and after using eyelash extensions.

Maximum Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

1. All Together

This gives the illusion that you already have mascara on, which is one of the greatest benefits. Eyelash extensions are sometimes the only cosmetic application that people use.

2. You Can Save Time

Eyelash extensions will make you appear more polished when you get out of bed. They can also help you in saving your much time. Eyelash extensions can save a lot of time if you are using mascara and eyeliner every day. You needn’t apply mascara and eyeliner daily if you use eyelash extensions.

3. Beauty

Eyelash extensions can add volume to the natural eyelash line, lift the skin and make you look younger. There is no secret that long and thick eyelashes are a hallmark of society’s beauty standards. Extensions can be used to enhance your natural beauty and reduce the need for makeup.

4. There Is No Damage

Contrary to many other beauty procedures, eyelash extensions are not invasive and don’t cause any damage to your natural eyelashes.

5. Lift

Many people have trouble keeping their eyelashes curled during the day. Your eyelashes will appear more awake and youthful if they are curled away from your eyes. Eyelash extensions can give you a natural, lifted appearance.

What Is The Lifespan of These Products?

Like the hair on your head and eyelashes, they go through a natural cycle of growth and shedding. Every stage of your eyelashes is different at any given time. This means that some lashes may be about to fall out, while others will experience a period of growth. Each lash is unique. So, each extension will be removed when it sheds. Your eyelash extensions will last for a month if you don’t rub your eyes, apply mascara or compromise the glue with oily products.

To maintain the best results, you will need to refill your extensions every 2 to 4 weeks unless you are switching off. Each lash is at a different stage of the growth cycle. You’ll notice the difference before and after the eyelash extensions. 

You’ll see a less uniform appearance over time as natural lashes grow and extensions fall out. So, have you used eyelash extensions yet? And have you compared your look before and after using eyelash extensions?