Oral problems are a big concern because of the poor effect on a person’s daily life. Possible factors of oral diseases are poor oral hygiene, genetic predisposition, developmental problems with dentures, and other traumatic events. Also, there is a lack of information about the reasons for non-compliance with oral hygiene practices. To make people aware of better oral care, a dentist: Alberto Serafino Motzo always focuses on learning new techniques and applying his skills to his clients. He analyzes oral infections and also performs dental health and prognosis. 

Dentist’s Insights:

While working as a dental professional, he joined the school to acquire his graduate degree. In the beginning, it was unusual for his family that from a full-time dental specialist to turn into a functioning student may disturb his dentistry. But the knowledge and notion have helped him to become a respected scholar and a respectable dental specialist. Alberto accepts and believes that oral health knowledge is necessary to make the right condition for health-related behavior and studies have shown a link between knowledge and improved oral health. 

Oral Hygiene Behavior:

Oral hygiene behavior and the demand for oral health care depend on a number of factors, including how well patients adhere to oral health care regimens when informed and positively reinforced. Although many studies have been conducted over time to assess people’s knowledge and behavior about oral health, education about it is still lacking, especially for rural people, who make up more than 55% of the total population. Even people living in cities, apart from easy access to dental care, fall prey to dental diseases due to careless dietary habits and unhealthy lifestyles. One of the most important factors that determine the dental health of a population is the attitude of its people to their teeth. Therefore Alberto Motzo guides oral hygiene awareness and practices among his patients.

Why it is important to take good care of oral health:

Taking care of your teeth and gums incorrectly can cause many problems. The most obvious problem would be the deterioration of the teeth and gums. Patients with gum disease can have loose teeth, cavities, infections, and other problems. Not taking proper care of your teeth can cause pain and eventually lead to tooth loss. However, it can be stopped.

Requirements For a Healthy Oral Profile:

Alberto Serafino Motzo understands and performs symptomatic tests for degenerative or ongoing diseases. He advises and gives treatment for early warning signs in his patients’ mouths that may demonstrate any severe disease elsewhere in the body, and performs biopsies when necessary. Alberto Motzo is a man who shows the importance of grabbing the right opportunity at the right time to embrace new things in his profession. As a dentist, he explains, keeping a healthy oral profile requires joint efforts of the dentist and the patient himself.